Monday, 11 September 2017

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Step by Step Distress Oxide Tag

This is a really photo heavy post to show each step.  At some point I will get organised so I can do videos instead but this is in response to someone new to all this on how to produce these inky tags!!

I used Distress Oxides in Picked Raspberry, Salty Ocean and Spiced Marmalade to create these inky tags.  Distress Oxides are a combination of pigment and dye inks and are fantastic to play with.  They are beautiful to stamp with as they have a felt pad, rather than a spongy foamlike pad typical of pigment inks, which give a firm pad to stamp from.

I also used the 'Say it', 'Bloom' and 'Truths' stamps from Creative Bea.  I always use a Versafine black inkpad whenever I am stamping in black.

To start I tapped the Spiced Marmalade Distress Oxide onto a plastic bag.  You can also use an acrylic block or a glass worktop saver!

Spritzing the ink causes it to form these bobbles of ink.

I swished and tapped a luggage tag from Tesco into the ink (the least shiny side of the tag)....

... which creates this effect.

I tap the excess ink leftover onto my copier paper.  I keep a pile of this under where I'm working.

Spritzing the tag with water has you heat it with a heat gun (for those new to stamping, this is not a hairdryer or paint stripper!!) creates this lovely texture.

Here you can see the difference between spritzing and not spritzing!

Splashing water onto the tag also gives a different effect but I do not have the right hand action for flicking water onto paper so I spritz it into my hands then clap merrily over the inked area!

I then dabbed the water droplets with tissue as I didn't have any kitchen towel to hand (I usually roll this across)

I repeated the ink process with Picked Raspberry ...

then Salty Ocean.

Tapping a Distress Oxide inkpad onto an acrylic block and spritzing it with water means you can then pick ink up with a damp paintbrush ...

and, by tapping the paintbrush with your other hand, create gorgeous splashes of ink.

I used the top and bottom of a tumbler to stamp circular marks on the tag...

... and the edge of an acrylic block to add lines.

I stamped the word 'grace' along the edge of the tag, continually stamping until the stamp ran out of ink.  This gives a lovely texture.

I used my Versafine ink pad to stamp the above truth ..

and tore up some of the inky copier paper to add underneath the words, using a simple glue stick.

The little daisies from the 'Bloom' stamp set are easy to cut out and add to the tag. 

Using different stamps gives a tag a different theme!

Well done if you made it this far.  I hope it was useful.  I am a Creative Bea Ambassador so received some of these stamps as a gift x

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Fairy Rooftops

I've had a busy old week - an article for Lavina Stamps in PaperCraft Essentials, a blog post for PaperArtsy looking at how Distress Oxides react to PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Acrylic paints, and today, an online article for Lavinia Stamps which you can read HERE.  Whilst you're over there, check out Tracey's new stamp designs, they are absolutely stunning.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Papercraft Essentials and Lavinia Stamps

I have a handful of pieces in Papercraft Essentials, published today!  Off to the shops to take a look :)

And if you didn't know, Lavinia Stamps are launching their latest release on Hochanda today at 8am and 2pm, and there's a fern stamp :) I love ferns!!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

a Distress Oxide tag for PaperArtsy

You'll also find me over on the PaperArtsy blog tonight, discussing the combination of Distress Oxides and PaperArtsy Fresco Acrylic Paint.  Click here if you'd like to know more!

Customising Stickers for Bible Art Journaling

Customising stickers like these from Creative Bea are quick and easy to do.  They are now made in grey which I think would look amazing with pinks and blues, or yellow ochre and white - so many choices!

The stickers start life with a beautifully simple word.

I covered this with a scrap of envelope (as that's what I had lying around!!), dipped my paintbrush in some Paper Artsy Fresco Acrylic Paint and tapped it against my left hand.

These paints dry with a lovely chalky finish.

I used my stickers in the margin of my journaling bible :)

Don't you just love stickers?!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

stages of a journal page

For me, the more layers I have in my journal page, the more likely I am to have 'eek' moments when I really don't like it.  These pages had a number of these and although I'm ok with the end result, they aren't my faves; and that's ok!

I'm challenging myself to art journal every day and from the middle of Jan to the middle of Feb I incorporated Rae Missigman's 30 day art marks challenge.  Today I thought I'd share the progress behind a couple of those pages.

I started with a madly coloured page which I toned down using Dina Wakley's heavy body white paint through a Stencilgirl stencil.

I challenged myself to use colours I don't normally use for these pages, and I was also trying out a different process, following one of Rae's videos and trying out different layers ..

...which included different papers added as a layer.

Adding a focal point of my own creation, rather than basing it on a stamped image, was a challenge for me.  I chose to tear paper into a shape and at this point the flower was my favourite...

..but once I added colour it was the leaves I was happiest with!  More white paint around the images made them 'pop' a bit better from their busy backgrounds.

I'm particularly pleased with how this challenge got me using my own marks, rather than always using rubber stamps.  I carved some of these into stamps of my own and I'm loving using them in a variety of ways.

detail from flower page

I love how challenges take me out of my comfort zone and encourage me to try new things.  Rae is putting together another challenge for March but it's not too late to join in this one here


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