Friday, 14 November 2014


Sometimes a journal page just sits there for a while ...

...and sometimes that 'while' can be a lonnnnng one!  This page started off with some brown spray which sat in my journal for ages.  I recently added some blue (love blue and brown together), didn't like it so used my solution to most pages I don't like - white paint/spray through a stencil :)

I love those large circles so complemented them with one of Stampotique's new release images - Daniel's circles.  They're stamped over one of my very favourite Stampotique images - numeric.

So now I have a double page spread I love, but is still unfinished...

...and that's okay!  It's just the way of art journaling flows.

Friday, 7 November 2014

art journaling on the train

It might look like it ..

but this isn't quite the same journal that I've been enjoying working in recently.  I took a baggie of art journaling supplies away with me on our recent trip to London, including my little Daler Rowney journal (which is about 4"x 6" in size, a nominal A6) but when it came to the journey home I realised I'd accidentally packed it into my suitcase!

Fortunately we'd happened to shop at the Chelsea School of Art and Design shop (next to the Tate Britain, open to the public, very very cheap :)  ) and that journal I did have in my bag! It's a proper square but similar in size to my Daler Rowney (Sea White chunky small, approx 5.5" square)

What I LoVe about working in artist quality sketchbooks is that the paper is heavy enough to take wet media so no gessoing, no gluing of pages together to make them thick enough etc

Having said that, I did glue in a brusho background before collaging on top (with more brusho backgrounds, letraset and those gorgeous stamped numerals!!)  !

It was a very therapeutic activity for a train journey!

Stampotique stamps used:

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

brusho in my journal ... again!

This is another brusho background created by sprinkling the powder on a glass plate, spraying this with water then laying paper on top to take a print.  It's definitely my favourite way to use Brusho.

This flower is one of my favourite Paper Artsy stamps (love their big flowers on the Hot Picks plates) but I can't find it anywhere!  Thankfully I had stamped it at some time and the image was in the pile of papers on my desk.  I'd been reminded of it when I used the Hot Picks 1301 set I won in the summer; this flower appears in tiny form in the top left corner of the text above the butterfly

Sunday, 2 November 2014

a paper artsy journal page

Another art journal page to share with you.

The background is a gelli print I've had on my workdesk for a while.  I am ashamed to say that this was the christening of my paper artsy hot picks stamps set I won in the summer!

Friday, 31 October 2014

circles on a journal page

I am very happy with this journal page spread!

It started off as a bit of a rubbish gelli print which I painted over with some turquoise brusho, thinking it might lift it - it did!!

Then I started playing around with Daniel's circles cube from Stampotique

and lots of variety in text and numerals.  The background numeral piece is from my scratch paper on my worktable; it's how I clean my stamps - by stamping them repeatedly on scrap paper!!

Add some doodling ... and Sarah is a happy art journaller!!

Stampotique Stamps used:

Thursday, 30 October 2014

more doodling in my journal

That nasty chest infection I had meant I was floored for a good couple of weeks and spent the time sleeping, reading and pinning (on pinterest!).  Oh, and I finally got to watch the Lego movie!  All that time off work and no energy to play with my art supplies :(   

The second lot of antibiotics meant I started to pick up and I managed some brusho backgrounds (I can recommend brusho if you're not feeling 100%, or if you've lost your mojo!)  I have a glass worktop protector and I just sprinkled the brusho powder on it (having made a hole in the lid of the pot with a thick safety pin), sprayed it with water, then took a print from this with copier paper.

Some stenciling with white paint and my paper was ready for some doodling, which was easy to do in front of the tv or in bed with my newly devised transportable art journaling kit! (see Tuesday's post).

What does make me smile is that I got the date wrong with my date stamp.  Not the only thing I got wrong whilst I was ill!!  I am now fully fit and back to my usual self, thanks for the best wishes many of you sent :)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

doodling on an art journal page

For aaaages I've wanted to make my art journaling more portable.  I tend to do a whole spread in one go rather than work on previously prepared backgrounds.

I've also been on a mission to include some of my own 'marks' rather than always relying on rubber stamps.

Well, I've found that I'm quite happy doodling on brusho backgrounds!  They have so much texture anyway that adding a few pencil marks is quite therapeutic.  

I made a pile of brusho backgrounds, chose some to add to my journal, packed a little bag of scraps of brusho background paper, scissors, a pencil, a fineline pen, a white pen, a pritt stick and a couple of coloured pencils and was able to transport my art journaling to different parts of the house and beyond!!


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