Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hello DLP 2016 and other projects

This year's Original Documented Life Project is all about the 'unplanner'.  Although I'd love to be able to, I don't have the time that the whole 'unplanner' content would demand but the great thing about this project is it's flexibility - and I am able to use the weekly challenges in my Moleskine planner just like last year.

This is week #1 and I tried something new.  Taking inspiration from my daughter's laptop cover I tried a collage effect and added some co-ordinating card in the weekly header.

I've already fallen behind slightly with the challenges but that's ok.  My challenge this week was to include my own lettering on the page -it definitely improved the further down the page I got so I guess it'll get better over the weeks.

I had another type of  project keeping me busy over the Christmas break - a new letterbox!  I wish I'd taken a photograph of this when if first arrived as an ebay purchase as it was very dull - my husband polished it up and my job was to paint around the word 'letters'...

... which proved a touch tricky where the lower parts of the word were worn from many years of postman's fingertips pushing letters through.

My final 'other project' to share is one of my christmas presents ...

I LoVe Lego :)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

goodbye DLP 2015

I had a little catching up to do yesterday, and completed all four of December's documented life project challenges in one day.  This month's theme was journaling and I used one of my leaf gelli plate prints to make my journaling central to the page.

For the quote challenge I used one of my Christmas presents,  the 'Life is good' stamp by Carabelle Studio .  I discovered that 'That's Crafty' have a wishlist option on their website :)

Hidden journaling was another challenge.  I came across part of an envelope in my box of papers. This must have originally said 'private and confidential' which I thought was appropriate for hiding journaling behind!

The journaling is hidden on the paper underneath the envelope.  I really enjoyed adding numbers to this page in a variety of ways, for no other reason than because I like numbers!!

My final page began life in a similar way to my Christmas cards.  I was supposed to tell my story but decided to do this with images rather than words.   Snowflakes are a recurring theme for me in my artwork at Christmas, and therefore part of my winter story.

I have always wanted to keep a diary and never got further than a month but by taking part in DLP I have managed to keep one for a whole year :)  I have missed the odd few days here and there but very few.  I didn't do so well with keeping up with the art challenges - missing the months May through to September - but I'm ok with that.  I did what I could.

My moleskine planner is nicely full - can't believe it started off life so thin (the planner at the bottom).  This worked really well for me this year so I'll be using the same format for 2016.  Although 2016 is the year of the un-planner, the format is flexible enough for me to continue with my moleskine :)

Happy New Year to all my visitors, thanks for taking the time to see what I've been up to :)

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, thanks so much for coming by and reading my blog over this past year :)

I make very few Christmas cards, and always on the last minute.  I had been planning them in my head for a while though - unfortunately, that design worked in my head but not in practice!  So off I went on t'internet for some inspiration and came across Nichol Magouirk's beautiful cards here

So I rummaged in my Christmas stamp box for an inspiring stamp image and got out my distress ink pads and embossing powders....

... and whipped up some quick Christmas cards.

Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year
Sarah xx

Saturday, 28 November 2015

step by step art journal page for original documented life project challenge

In between the layers on this piece are alternate feelings of "I like it" and "oh dear, now what?  I think I like the final piece!

It started with Brusho

and continued with me finally opening my distress paint and trying it on the gelli plate.

It turned out that I didn't really choose the right colour!  This was my first 'oh dear' moment.

So I got out a stencil and continued playing with my distress paints, dabbing paint through and then stamping with the stencil to get the opposite effect.


I made some stamps the other week with some adhesive funky foam (these are sooooo easy to make!).

The page then sat for a while because I couldn't think what to do next, possibly because I liked it so much just as it is!

In the end I drew a daisy on some book paper and used a Dina Wakley mask (the DLP challenge is to use a stencil, mask and stamp together on the page) as the stalk, drawing around it with a white gel pen.

It went through some more 'oh dear' moments but I think I like it now!  It may or may not be finished - considering some clouds and/or raindrops.

thanks for visiting

Thursday, 19 November 2015

art journaling in my bible

I have a confession!  I can't remember the last time I did any art journaling in one of my journals!  I adore making tags and they are often my 'go to' when I want to make something small or quick...

...and I've been doing my planner pages some months

but the other place I've been art journaling is in my bible.

I appreciate this isn't for everyone, but I've found it's made me want to read my bible more, and the visual imagery means I remember things better. Sometimes it's like a treasure hunt - I adore the imagery of stars and there's plenty of references to them so lots of opportunities to play!

One of my favourite pages is one of the simplest ...

Journaling bibles like this one, with extra wide margins to write in (or stencil, paint, doodle, stamp...) had sold out worldwide but they are now back in the shops....

...and my latest imagery hunt is for references to autumn and spring rains!  I think I may be affected by the current weather ;)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

gelli print toadstool resists

I've been wanting to play with this gorgeous stamp for a while now - and it turns out this small fairy chain is the perfect size for a tag.

My original idea was to create a painted background for the fairies using my gelli plate but I just wasn't feeling it!  Sometimes you just have to leave something that's not working - and it can end up working differently when you return to it another time.

So I started again and this time used a single colour of paint and decided to see what happens when paint is lifted off the gelli plate with a Lavinia stamp.  I was really pleased with the effect but the magic occurred when I added the distress ink, which is resisted by the acrylic paint :)

This was a fab project to work on and I'll certainly be playing with this idea further.  If you want to know/see more, my step by step guide to creating this tag is over on the Lavinia Stamps website .

Thanks for visiting today :)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

stamps, stencils and masks

This month's challenge theme, over at Art to the 5th, is 'stamps, stencils and masks' and this week's art challenge is to use stencils - made or bought.

I have tonnes of stencils, and love using them, so decided to cut some of my own for this project using stencil card from Hobbycraft.  I started by cutting out a leaf - which ended up as a mask rather than a stencil ...

...and then I didn't end up using it!!  Suspect there will be a 'mask' week sometime this month though so I'll likely use it then.

I took one of my plain pink gelli prints from last weekend and added Dina Wakley acrylic paints over the top with a baby wipe...

..and once that was dry, added some stamping using a circle stamp, and background script stamp from Lavinia Stamps with Eggplant Adirondack ink.

I cut out a simple heart stencil and sponged white paint through before adding a stamped flower (made using funky foam - sooooo easy to cut out!!)

I also cut out some tiny round rectangles in funky foam and stamped with these on my page using black ink.  There's some additional stamping on there too, along with pencil marks, some music paper and some gold paint.

I wasn't keen on my flower last night, and realised that I like layers on my pages rather than single (ish) pages.  I was going to stamp the flower out again onto music paper, cut it out and stitch it to the page but I had another look this morning and decided I like it after all!

Well, enough to live with it anyway!!  :)


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