Wednesday, 25 May 2011

blog hopping

Papercraft 2 - Book Teaser Video from Gestalten on Vimeo.

I've enjoyed a long, leisurely breakfast with my laptop this morning and came across tonnes of gorgeousness in blogland.  I found the above link on 'Paper Forest' and there's tonnes more 'papery' inspiration on the blog, including mention of an exhibition in Vermont entitled 'Paperwork in 3d' which looks AmAzIng!

                                           Beatrice Coron

'Poppytalk' is another wonderful blog I stumbled upon.  It contains so much eye candy you may be there a while!  She shares some of Matte Stephens' images, which I fifties!

                                           Matte Stephens

And at some point in my wanderings I found the Soma Gallery's website in Bristol, UK (hurray!) which is stuffed full of wonderful images but my favourite is Graham Carter's seahorse:

                                            Art of Wooing by Graham Carter


  1. You have found some really original work there.
    Thanks for the posting! Will go see!
    Sue xx

    Have you heard of outsider art?

  2. Just spent a while wandering around the sites you found.....some fun stuff! Thanks!!


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