Saturday, 28 May 2011

eeek...a radio broadcast and an art exhibition launch

I'm nervously looking forward to being on local radio later!  Chorlton FM is broadcasting daily from the 16th-29th May across South Manchester and online.  They include coverage of the 2011 Chorlton Arts Festival, for which I did a workshop last Sunday.  I'm being interviewed at about 6pm, which I'm sure will involve lots of giggling on my part ;)

I'm also busy prepping for my first solo art exhibition at The Cubby Hole, Crewe in June.  

I've been really enjoying 'moodling' with some paint and canvases!

With the odd bit of paper and glue thrown in ;)

Still lots of pieces to get finished ...  I'm always on the last minute with these things - just the way I work best I guess!


  1. Love your moodling you've been up to! Good luck with the radio and the exhibition too.

  2. Good luck with the radio programme and the final touches to your exhibit-looking forward to seeing it on Friday.

  3. I'm so proud of you! Can't wait to hear more : ) and this work is gorgeous! xxxxx

  4. Hope all goes well with the preparations for the exhibition and the radio interview! ;) I'm sure both audiences will fall in love with you & your work! xx

  5. How exciting Sarah. Looks as though you are rising to the challenge though!


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