Saturday, 5 September 2009

better late than never!

Well, it's still Saturday in my part of the world so I reckoned I could still post for this week's Sunday Postcard Art!  The theme was 'fish'.  Did you know the seahorse was a fish?  I didn't.  When I told my husband his reply was "well what did you think it was?".  I don't know, but I know I wouldn't have said it was a fish!!! :)
Anyway, that discovery meant I could use the lovely new seahorse from Elusive Images to make a postcard.  I stamped then masked him before spraying the card with inks and adding stamped images.  Not a great photo, I'll take one in the light in the am and look forward to a new SPA topic!!
EDIT:  photo replaced by a better one; forgot to say that the seahorse is a fish because it breathes under water and doesn't need to come up for air!!


  1. LOVE your seahorse postcard, great stamp and what you've done with it! I have a thing for seahorses :) There is a new book out called "Posieden's Steed" all about these magical creatures, I heard the author on the radio.
    Great name for your blog, it's my first time here :)

  2. Hmmm. Weell, it doesn't look like a fish! Lovely postcard - great colour :-)

  3. Lovely background to your fish!! I didn't know they were fish either.

  4. Waht a beautiful entry- sorry I missed earlier- creative and expressive work!

  5. you are so very clever, my girl!

    you have some new fans!

  6. but so much prettier than a fish Sarah, well in your artwork anyway, good job.........

  7. lovely card - seahorses are pretty for fish, but then they aren't all as bad as cods!
    chris x

  8. It's beautiful. What a stunning background, beautiful colours and effects. I love it.

  9. Hi Sarah! What a precious postcard! I love the colors you used too! Funny, but I've never thought of seahorses as fish either! Well, if they are, they're the cutest ones for sure!
    ♥ Paulette

  10. What a fabulous use of colour. Love your style. Very classy.

    (I read your comment over on PA and yes, I agree it was such a lovely intro wasnt it and great description of what I tend to produce)

  11. Great seahorse postcard, Sarah. I really didn't know that they were fish, but I guess I've never given it much thought. Love your stamp, though.

    Thanks for going to look at my events calendar. I think we'll see if we can get $3.50 for each of them for the church bazaar. If they were at an art show, I can bet they'd be priced at $10 each. People want you to give your art away.


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