Thursday, 17 September 2009

celebrity author visits Prestwich stamping shop

Sue Roddis came to do a book signing at Paddy's Stamping Place yesterday. I had warned her that I'd like an ink splatted book rather than just a signed copy so she very kindly came prepared with one of the new Paper Artsy stamps, an ink splat (mini 57)!  Unfortunately I set a bit of a trend and Sue was left stenciling and stamping in books (hee hee).  It was great to see and touch some of the books that are featured in her book 'Handmade Decorative Books'. 
Sue's next stop on her book signing tour of Britain is 'The Stamp Attic', this weekend.
Now for something completely different!
This is my very first piece of needle felting :)  It's something I've wanted to do for a while now and was able to watch a demo and buy the necessary bits 'n' pieces whilst down in Dorset last weekend.  I spent the journey home adding the beads and french knots!


  1. Thanks Sarah!!I hate having my picture taken but actually not the worst picture of myself I have seen!! Love the needle felting.

  2. I love those books. My husband has a Christmas one from his childhood and our children used to love taking it out, opening it and tying it. (Still do). It shows the nativity scenes in 3D

    Your need felting is beautiful. Such a lovely choice of colours.

  3. I wouldn't have blogged it if it wasn't nice :) Glad you don't mind it!

  4. Hi Sarah
    love the needle felting! Might have a try even though I have this teeth on edge thing about felt. Sorry I missed you at Sue's book signing, and I agree with everything you said!
    Chris x

  5. I miss having celebrities coming to my of the top 5 things I truly miss....

    Glad you had a great time and your needle felting is beautiful. Haven't given that a go, but I am sure if you are doing it, I will have to do it soon! : )

  6. Looks like a good day, and love the stitching :)

  7. Love that bit of felting, looks gorgeous and I have never tried it either. Missed Sue but will see her at Port Sunny next month.

  8. I think I need to treat myself to Sue's book:) I'll be at Port Sunny so will try and get it there.

    Love the needle felting Sarah, it is years since I did any. The piece you have shown is beautiful, another string to your bow! I hope you will show more of this here.

    Jill x

  9. Wonderful things on your blog and I love your needle felting, Sarah! :-)


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