Friday, 21 February 2014

teabags and wax

I mentioned last week that my sewing machine had been calling me, but I have to say that wax and teabags were shouting pretty loudly too!  So I gave in ;)

Here in the UK it can be quite tricky finding teabags that have the tags attached (I wasn't in the mood for regular square ones!).  I've bought some in the past thinking they'd be this shape only to discover that they were just regular teabags full of fancy tea.

These were doubled over so I ended up opening them out after experimenting first by just trimming the bottom off.  I then stamped on one side only of the teabag before trapping a dried hydrangea flower and the word 'blossom' between the two pieces and coating them with wax, melted in my meltpot.

I then stamped a Stampotique sentiment on plain paper and mounted it onto scrap paper from my desk to create a long tag. 

There were a few rejects along the way, although they look better on the photo below!!

It's my turn to post on the Stampotique Designers' Blog, as it is every Friday.  I've included a different tag over there but whilst you're visiting, take a moment to admire the beautiful blog makeover it's received from the very talented Valerie and Maria with the wonderful (and also talented) Kim.

Stampotique Stamps Used:
Journey Collage by Amy Wilson Wellenstein
Daisy, daisy by Jo Capper-Sandon
Tall Word Collage by Amy Wilson Wellenstein

ps the Stampotique Originals website's had a makeover too, worth a look!


  1. Cute idea:) and I like this one more than the other one!!!

  2. I am so enamoured of your teabags! They're so pretty and delicate. The one with the hydrangea is perfection. As for your rejects? Puh-leeze...they look great too. I'm curious, why did you coat them with wax? To give an encaustic look? To protect them? Thanks!

  3. These are beautiful I love the idea of working with tea bags.

  4. This is absolutely astonishing art, Sarah, and from a surprising starting point!! Love them!

  5. Brilliant idea!! Gonna try this too. Also wondering how it looks without the wax, cause I don't have a melting pot. XOXO

  6. Gorgeous! The rejects look pretty amazing too! Chrisx

  7. These look beautiful even the rejects. I have also been making luminaries as Elizabeth Bunsen calls waxed tea bags , with eucalypt leaves trapped inside with sayings handwritten on the tea bag itself .... Just another variation. Cool idea

  8. Oh Wow, just love this idea!! I have already stamped tea bags before, but this takes it through the roof as far as mixing two things I love... tea bags and wax collage!

  9. These are gorgeous Sarah! You need to moodle more often. I love using teabags too.
    Alison x

  10. I think they are all pretty awesome. Tea is expensive here. The kind with tags is likely to be molded rather than folded too, so yeah. I feel your pain.


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