Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I got my creative juices flowing over the Christmas hols by doing a bit of knitting, which is now waiting to go in the washing machine to be felted before becoming a couple of owls...hopefully!  I then started on a project  I've wanted to do for a while ...

... creating a collage style lampshade!  I really want to make one for the lounge but decided to 'practice' on my bedside lamp first!

I started by taking the shade apart and using the inner plastic bit as a template I cut out some newspaper then  added layers of paper using a white pva glue.  I added stitching, a zip and lace and generally had a ball!  The tricky bit was fixing it all together but despite the odd wobble I'm very pleased with it.

May this year be full of many good things!


Helen said...

The lampshades look great, (but I hope they don't get too warm from the bulb..) Have a very Happy, Creative, New Year!

Gez said...

Totally gorgeous Sarah. Wishing you a wonderful New Year and lots of inky, painty

marny said...

What a great idea, Sarah. And such a fun way to put one's personal 'stamp' on a room. All the very best for the new year!

pearshapedcrafting said...

And this is just the practice? Gorgeous! A brilliant idea !
Happy New Year! Hugs, Chrisxxx


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