Tuesday, 30 July 2013

a play date cafe {splash} of neon

Well, as near as I could get to neon yellow without buying a new tube of paint!!

I'm sure we have a yellow highlighter about the place, but could I find it?  I did spot this 'flash' though on a packet of Cadbury Caramel Nibbles and thought I'd add it to my tag - I know Julie would LoVe these chocolates!

I've been playing with my Gelli plate and it's so easy to add a first layer of texture with it.  I also added stenciling and stamping with a touch of tape.  A quick tag but fun to do.


  1. You made it! ; ) And I'm so very glad. This is a perfect splash and I you know me all too well : ))) xx

  2. I love that little pop of yellow! Cute tag! xo

  3. Lovely! The flash of yellow made me smile :-)

  4. lol fab tab Sarah. gorgeous gelli background.


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