Saturday, 10 September 2011

Paper Arts on a Mug

I got a parcel yesterday - always exciting!  This one was especially wonderful as it's the mug I ordered from Katie Almond and I just LoVe it :)  

I'd seen her work in the craft shop at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester a couple of months back, and decided it would make a great 20th wedding anniversary present.  Unfortunately, when Malc and I went to choose a piece they were all sold out!  Apparently they just fly off the shelves.

Katie very kindly emailed me some pictures however, and I chose this mug which arrived yesterday!  I love the combination of music, teacups and teapots and handpainted hearts.

It is now safely on display in my craft room (studio sounds just too posh lol!), along with my collection of jugs and other nice ceramics!


  1. Lovely mug! I have just been told that I need to stop calling my....creative space.....a workroom and call it a studio instead! It does sound pretentious but I like the feel better :)

  2. The mug is so pretty - I hope you had one 'cuppa' to Christen it before it went on display.

  3. Your mug is just beautiful, Sarah. I woud have chosen it too. It has that lovely hand-crafted, but professional appearance.
    I now want a whole set...very pricey I expect!
    Your own pottery pieces are also very beautiful.
    Not blogging these days, but still enjoy the occasional hop.
    Best wishes
    Sue Allan


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