Friday, 16 September 2011

oh Happy Day!!!

Well, days really!  It all started yesterday :)  After doing my first day in two years back in school teaching (Yay, I truly never thought I'd go back to the classroom!), I bobbed in to the Bean and Brush and my tile was out of the kiln...Wow!!!  I'm so pleased with it I can't tell you :)   It's all thanks to the lovely Kelly Hennessey's 365 Tile-a-day challenge, and her huge generosity in sharing her before and after pics on facebook.  I was quite shocked, and pleased, that my before picture looked like hers...

...but I really wasn't prepared for it working out so wonderfully after firing.  Thanks Kelly, we all LoVe this tile :)  And it's proper 'upcycling' - all those chunks are leftover paint from customers, saved and dried.

Back to my school story, and yesterday saw me doing some supply cover in a local school.  After suffering with depression/anxiety a couple of years back now I always said I couldn't see myself going back into teaching.  What a fabulous day I had though!  A true miracle :)

Thursday afternoons are 'options' afternoons in this school, where pupils are grouped according to their choice of activity rather than age.  I had 28 pupils aged between 7 and 11 years and we spent a very relaxed afternoon zen-doodling leaf shapes.  I think they're now addicted!

This morning I heard from Lucy who blogs as Little Lost Soul telling me I'd won the above print.  I AdOrE ampersands and have just started a collection of cut out ones which I'm planning on decopatching and displaying above my desk.  This print couldn't have been more perfect for me :)  So huge thanks Lucy :)

Wishing you a very happy day too!!!!  They are THE best :)


  1. So,so pleased for you! Look forward to hearing all about it and I hope I get to touch this tile - it looks fabulous!!!

  2. I have to say Chris, it does appeal to the sense of touch lol

  3. Ooh good for you. I supposed some days in school can be good! I like the options idea ...
    Great tile, I want to stroke it haha!

  4. You sound very "buoyant" Sarah. Congrats on getting back to school - and what a fab way to spend your first day. LoVe your tile.

  5. How thrilling! I love those tangled leaves, they look fantastic! Your tiles, too.

  6. What a perfect little coincidence! Sounds like my print will fit in very nicely! :)

  7. What a lovely milestone you reached when you went into that school and what fantastic zentangilng you did with them.


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