Wednesday, 15 August 2012

PDCC journal time

We've been home from our camping trip in Mid Wales for a few days now and I've been itching to get back to my journal instead of spring cleaning (a little late, but hey!) my craft room.  The play date cafe colours proved a perfect starting point.

This page is in a little A6 moleskine and after starting it very late last night I made a mess of one side of the page so tore it out, tore it into strips then glued them down this morning into a new starting point.

Rummaging around for some inspiration for what to do next I came across this word stamp.  I didn't want to put a heart on the page for some reason but a felted flower was lying around on my table and when I put this against the page it all clicked so I made a paper version to glue in.

It's back to rain here in the UK so these warm, summery colours are perfect to cheer up the day!


  1. Very wet on the Welsh border today! I love the little page you created - great colour scheme and always good to know things don't always work out first time round - but waste not want not - and look how lovely that looks. x jo

  2. Beautiful journal page Sarah!! Love how cheery it is with these happy colors!

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  4. You KNOW I love this...and it will continue to be dear to my heart all throughout this new journey with glad you were inspired by the colors...miss you x

  5. Ooh this is yummy! You know how much I LOVE your journal pages!!!

  6. Fab Sarah - those colours are gorgeous. Sarah x


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