Monday, 13 May 2013

revisiting my little orange art journal

  I love this journal.  It's got lots of pages in that I love and feel are very 'me'.

It also has had some pages that I really didn't like so I'm starting to re-work them.

I gessoed over the page on the left.  It had had circular images glued on and these peeled off fairly easy after gessoing which left a nice effect.  I removed the original matching page - it had a number of images attached that were far too small and didn't come off easily.

It was great to play with my new paints and stencils after the weekend's trip to Port Sunlight!

I added stamped, stencilled and rub on letters to link in the pen advert which was original to the page but it was still bugging me.

Happily the 'Chloe Stem' by Memory Box gave the pages a better focal point.  I have a couple more pages to re-work, and one to finish, but I'm much happier with the overall look of this journal now and, who knows, I might even get a whole book finished!

I have found it interesting, looking back through this journal, at how many pages have quotes on them!


  1. Wow Sarah this is awesome!! Totally inspirational :)

  2. Gorgeous pages Sarah, thank-you so much for sharing them. Really great to see your thoughts and processes too, very inspiring and interesting - nosy bird that I am lol but the best way to learn in my book!! Thanx again.
    Hugs x

  3. Hi Sarah! Your pages are just beautiful and I really love the quotes you used and how you wove them into your artwork. As usual, your color combos are so pretty! xo Paulette :)

  4. lol - this looks very similar to a journal that I have tucked away. I really like these pages Sarah - I certainly still love looking at mine. It's also interesting to see how your own style changes as time goes by.

  5. Revisiting is a good idea.....I have journals with pags in I don't much like, should go re-work them! Great pages by the way:)

  6. The green pages are very beautiful!


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