Friday, 5 September 2014

each life needs it's own quiet place

...and mine is definitely amongst my paints, papers and rubber stamps!

This tag started off with a sponge ink base that I didn't like so I tore it off, and decided I quite liked the effect.  I'm going to add it as a page in one of my small A6 journals.  It nearly looked like this

... but in the end, decided to include Gucio.  Sometimes it's so hard to know!

Stampotique stamps used:


  1. I love that tag, the torn edge is just right I think... I can't decide if I like it best with or without Gucio either!

  2. Definitely with Gucio! He looks very happy here! The torn edge looks great (can't imagine it being that bad as the top half looks good to me!) and as if you meant it that way!! Chrisx

  3. Adorable with Gucio, Sarah! And, I love the "tear off the bottom" technique, too! It is perfect for adding to a small journal!

  4. I like Gucio there! And I like the torn bottom effect will look great in a little journal !

  5. I love this, I really like the torn edge, and definitely keep Gucio!! xx


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