Friday, 14 May 2010

port sunny samples in order

I've put together some of my sample pieces from the Port Sunny show - finally some order to that gorgeous pile of yumminess ;)  Unfortunately, it's cost me money - I've definitely fallen in love with the dragonfly die, as well as the bird cage and the ticket.

I just love how that bird cage makes an instant tag!

And that dragonfly cut out of metal, or sheer fabric, is just so, so yummy!


I have to say though, that moth is rather tempting too, it makes such a great foam stamp - great for stamping then adding the detailed stamp on top!  Gonna have to have a go at that with the dragonfly!!

The ticket die sounds a strange one I know, but I think it's just one of those things, a bit like needing a square punch.  Got an idea for it which I'll share at the weekend (Sunday most likely).

Here's a treat for those of you who know me, and my friend Helen.  This is Helen's sample piece using the dies

I love her contrast of the hard metal and the soft fabric.  And how cool does the moth look with those cogs!!!

And finally, Paddy's yummy sample board - she's been playing with tomato puree tubes again, and fabric, along with the cuttlebug of course (and a heat gun to zap those flowers, and I mean zap!!)


  1. all your samples are so gorgeous!!

  2. Yes Sarah, I see what you mean about the dies......wish I had bought some. However they are now on that ever growing list :-) Some fab stuff and I liked what Paddy was doing with the adhesive sheet too. Lovely stuff !

  3. OH my--these are fab samples! I wish I could come craft with you--I would learn so much! Great great great samples!

  4. Just gorgeous! I wish I knew sometone on this side of the pond who could give me lessons. Love this! xxD


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