Sunday, 13 March 2011

letters, letters and more letters

but as you can see, Walter doesn't appear to like wearing his yellow woollen waistcoat - he is definitely NoT happy!  I spent yesterday immersed in letters, fonts and illustration as I ran my lettering workshop at The Cubby Hole, Crewe...a wonderful day!!!

We started with some loosening up exercises on a large scale, trying different pencils and crayons.

I think almost everyone fell in love with the watersoluble oil pastels that my Mum brought back from the US last year.

The lettering patterns kept us all so quite and relaxed that you could have heard a pin drop!

I love the lettering that Nigel used on this page following an activity creating different line patterns.

This is Nigel's too [he was sitting next to me so I managed to get more pics] and I just love the way the letters in the largest heart come to a point.

Little Sue counted 30 journals at home (how fab is that!) and brought some along to add writing in.  

I had anticipated this being a 'less messy than usual' workshop, but no!  Although I did have to tidy up before I could continue working on this page...

Ah, that's better!

I am repeating this workshop this coming Thursday and Saturday at Paddy's Stamping Place, Prestwich - no need to book, we'll squeeze you in!!!


  1. Looks like a great time was had by all - wish I could get there, sadly will be at work (and it's a long way...) I really think I need to get into journalling - just need a shove to get me going!!

  2. I told you from the day I received your very first card and letter so many years ago that your handwriting technique was creative...and it's so great to see what you have done with it : ) This looks like a terrific workshop, my friend and your students are clearly inspired! xx

  3. That workshop looks like loads of fun! I love your journal letters, they are the funkiest things in the world! ;)) x

  4. LOOKS like soooo much FUN!!! Oh how I wish I could be apart of that creativity!!!!

  5. I notice you didn't mention the bit where we had to sit and write lines of mmmmmmmmm and uuuuuuuu ;)

    Thanks for another fun workshop (and the plug for the blog). I hope you have as much at the next ones.

  6. Oh wow, this looks fab. I would love to do this workshop!

  7. OH WOW! I wish I was there--this looks like so much fun! I LOVE that first photo--super cute stamp and great handwriting technique! You are soooooo talented--You are AWESOME!!!

  8. Hopefully see you on Thursday, looking forward to finding out more about lettering etc...
    Take care:-)

  9. Looks like a fab workshop. I keep checking the workshop tab and pestering Wendy for the Stamp Attic date..............any news? I presume it won't be in March now??


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