Thursday, 10 March 2011

PDCC 69 Inspired by ...Dina Wakley :)

I adore Dina Wakley's free exploration of colour and texture in her journals, and have even had the honour of 'stroking' one and exclaiming over it's beauty IRL!!!  So whilst on a hunt for some great colour stories for The Play Date Cafe Challenge I stopped by her blog and Dina very kindly let me use a section of one of her journal pages as inspiration.

I had to borrow Malc's camera to take the pics last night and the colours aren't as true in these images but I hope you get the idea!  I decided to take some blue and pink wool tops and wet felt them together.

Once this was dry I laid it onto some yellowy orange fabric and some text paper.  I added stitch and also stitched on some yarn...all very therapeutic, and touchy feely :)

Over at The Play Date Cafe there is a fantastic array of inspiration from our wonderful design team
and also from our guest designer this week - Julie Day :)  We are sponsored this week by Wilson Designs so head on over to the cafe for a good mooch.


  1. OH MY GOOOODNESS! I just love this piece! I love the music background--and all of that stitching! OH BEAUTIFUL! You are so amazing, Sarah:) LOVE YOU!

  2. The inspiration is just that - inspiring - but your work is gorgeous!!

  3. Oooh, I like it, looks like it needs to be stroked :)

    No idea what I'll be doing - maybe I'll dig out the acrylics ;)

  4. Ooooh lovely !!!!!!!!
    I would love to touch it. Felting is tops, no pun intended.
    Sue xx

  5. This is so gorgeous Sarah!! Wow. And I really enjoyed playing with this week's colors - Dina's journal page was wonderful inspiration!!

  6. Such a fantastic inspiration photo, Sarah! LOVE it to pieces! And all the stitched circles, on your piece, has lots of ideas, for layouts, churning in my head. Thanks so much!

  7. Sarah your piece tis week is truly gorgeous. Lovely textures and colours. Must have taken ages despite it being therapeutic...

    Going to try again with this weeks challenge... Might even try piling more on than usual lol. Thanks for the inspiration:-)

  8. Gorgeous colours and gorgeous textures too - yumm!

  9. These circles remind me of flowers, Sarah. They do look very touchy-feely and I wish we had touch-o-vision. :)

  10. Ow touchy feely, the best kind, i love it :D

  11. Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to visit your blog! LOVE your piece! It's SO clever!!! You're SO clever!!!


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