Sunday, 27 March 2011

a secret garden

At the Cubby Hole, Carol challenged us to make something this month on the theme 'in a secret garden'.  I shared some of the content last week but managed to finish it last night and today.

I changed my mind about the tin and went for a really simple collage, so the garden was secretly contained within it...

My local library are selling off some books [a bagful for £1] and I was very happy to see a number of large print books in the sale.  Romantic novels are always good for over the top descriptions which work brilliantly in journals of this type.

For the front cover of the book I christened my new Stampendous Hydrangea Stamp and added some stitching to the image.

Now to get my thinking cap on for April's challenge theme :)  Yes, I have inside information and know what it is!!!  Doesn't mean I'll get it done any quicker though lol.


  1. What an absolutely delightful project :D

  2. Lovely....looks like you've had some extra time this week :) See ya really soon x

  3. This looks absolutely stunning!! Love that hydrangea. It's going "on the list" lol!

  4. Sarah, this is my favorite thing you've made EVER!!! I absolutely love it. Words cannot describe its beauty.

  5. Great take on the theme, love all the text. The hydrangea is gorgeous and will match our Martha punch perfectly. Tracy x

  6. beautiful project-love the hydrangea, and the colours are great.

  7. I really love it Sarah.

    The colours and texture are amazing.
    I am going to have a go, you have made me want one of 'these'.
    Gosh, how I love texture.
    Texture is probably the most important thing in art, joint most important with 'colour'.
    See you at 'the' wedding!
    Sue xx

  8. So impressed by got me going and I have linked back to you..hope you don't mind.
    Sue x

  9. This is stunning i love the colours


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