Friday, 10 June 2011

What's on your workdesk Wednesday...errr Friday!

This was my workdesk on Wednesday, it's just taken me 'til now to post it!!!

I've been itching to play with some clay at work so went in early to have a go.

Helen, one of my talented ceramicist colleagues had been telling me about the wobbly pots they made at Uni which I was very keen to have a go at.

I smoothed it off a bit more after this shot, and the fun part will be glazing it after it's first firing...can't wait :)  I was even dreaming about clay last night!  [I have to say that the night before's dream featuring Robbie Williams was more entertaining lol]

Later, on Wednesday evening, I taught my second workshop at The Bean & Brush.  These are proving really popular and we've had to put an extra date in for the third workshop at the end of the month :)


  1. Me thinks you are enjoying it there!! So happy for you : ) xx

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Cafe and enjoying my decopatch items even more. Looks like i will have to sign up to one of the classes. The one with the raised butterflies on the shaped plate looks amazing!

    Ladies seem very quiet and full of concentration.

    Take care:-)

  3. Your wobbly vase is great!


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