Friday, 30 December 2011

a flurry of Christmas making

Last week I got quite a few last minute Christmas presents made, but since then I've been on a re-organising spree for some reason!  That's in between 'playing' with my Christmas presents and visiting family etc!!!  I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, we had a fabulous one in our house :)

This jar contains the ingredients of snowman soup.  The head took a fair bit of fixing to the lid but I got there in the end and was pleased with the result!

Some of my friends and I decided to give handmade gifts this year (hence the snowman jar!).  The teacup cakes felt a little like cheating as I'd bought the teacup silicone cases, but I still added the cake, and a collaged spoon!

I'm always behind with my cards, so I was still making these on Christmas Day!

These two little books didn't take long though; one of the girls at work asked me to make them for her children.  I hope they liked them!

Best get back to the 'holiday jobs' - am trying to get my eldest son's room decorated, then there's the New Year party to organise - am planning on lots of star themed baking!  Happy New Year!!!


Carol Q said...

LOVE your splodgy, mish mash, stitchy style Sarah. somehow it all looks as though it belongs together. happy creating in 2012!

Rita said...

I just love those Christmas cards!! Never have seen anything like them. Unique. YOU! :)
Happy New Year!! :)


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