Saturday, 24 November 2012


Just tried posting and apparently my Picasa web album is full.  I'm guessing I now have to pay monthly to keep my blog going as I need extra storage - not something I'd like to do.  Any tips?


Sue said...

You can buy extra space, I had to do it:) it's a yearly fee and its very cheap..... literally only a few dollars.....doesn't ot come up offering you the option to buy more? I thought it did when I bought some.

marny said...

Hi Sarah: I have just had this exact same problem with my blog. Are you resizing your photos before uploading them?? I find that I can still upload pics, even though my space is full, once I have resized them. I resize them in photoshop elements....a bit fussy but it can be done and you don't have to buy more space.
p.s. I enjoyed your postings in jane davies' extreme comp class.....wish you had done more. btw, I did a post about this on the extreme comp site and there is a lot of helpful info there from knowledgeable classmates. If you're still in the class you can check it out.
My blog (may I be so bold!) is:

Sue said...

start another bog with a different email address and upload photos there and then copy them to this blog or wait a while and picassa will forget that your account is full
i get reminders from time to time but it does go away

Ellie Knol said...

Picasa won't forget your file is full LOL, you'll have to have a serious look at the size of your photos. Ones that are bigger than 200 kB, replace them with smaller ones. That will do the trick. I use watermark image to do it. You don't see they're actully smaller. Watermark image is free. You just leave out the watermark if you don't want one, and you can do hundreds of photographs in 1 file.

Sarah Anderson said...

thanks for all your help, I've started deleting some pics from my Picasa account as there are so many duplicates! Hopefully I'm not deleting the ones linked to my blog, we'll see. They don't make it easy I have to say. And I'm also resizing so thanks again for all the help

Jill said...

I've had the same message this week - they must be having a crack down. It says on the guidelines that they will be automatically resized, but they're not. Resizing is an extra chore but it works. You can also do it by exporting your pics using picasa and resizing at the same time.
I did have this message a few months ago and it then stopped.

Julie Ranae said...

I have yet to have this happen, but am hearing about it more and more. I've been resizing my photos from the beginning, but because I am so NOT tech-savvy, I have no idea if I'm keeping it at bay for that reason or not.
I heard the fee is something like $20US for the year...



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