Sunday, 8 June 2014

another Paper Artsy challenge piece

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist playing with these stamps for long but that was hardly any time at all!!  So here I am, back with a second entry for Paper Artsy's weekly challenge

I often decorate envelopes but this time I was inspired by Darcy to create an envelope from the papers I made earlier (see the previous post).  I opened up an envelope, glued it to the bag of my paper then refolded it.

I knew the stamped image would be difficult as I was stamping it overlapping card but it coped better than I thought!  I added a black and white image of the lady over the top.

Unlike Darcy I kept the flap at the top of the envelope (although I will give hers a go at some point), and added some of my left over bits of stamping from the previous project.  The tag in this Lynne Perella set was a perfect size to fit inside my envelope .... and hey presto, two projects in one day #feeling happier :)


  1. Once again, they are great! I've not tried decorating envelops yet.

  2. Well worth a 2nd visit, fabulous envelopes!
    Amanda x

  3. This really is fantastic! Fab colours again! Chrisx

  4. Brilliant - love the colours.

  5. This is wonderful, gorgeous envelope. I love creating hidey places for tags.


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