Thursday, 28 August 2014

playing with colour

I've been playing in my art journal, alongside my good crafting friend Chris, and with the support of an online workshop from Samie Harding.

I love the colour block style of Samie's pages so, needing a bit of a boost to get back to my journals, I treated myself to a workshop.  I hated making this page; it felt so uncomfortable and I just wanted to reach for my stamps to make myself feel better.

Instead I reached for a different tool for applying the paint and LoVe the effect the sponge gave me.  These aren't colours I'd naturally have put together but I really like them.  They came about from following Samie's advice for choosing colours.

Using a piece of paper as my palette I was able to smooch the leftover paint together to make some painted paper which I'm sure will appear on a journal page soon.  I then continued playing on another piece of paper and although I enjoyed it, I didn't really push myself with my colour choices this time, which I'm a bit disappointed with myself about....

.... so more play is definitely needed!  Have you taken any online workshops recently?  I'd love to know!    ...and would definitely recommend Art Journal Summer Camp 2014 (I just took session 2)


  1. I think your journal page colours are fab!
    I can't do online course because my broadband won't stream properly and videos etc are very jerky (must ring virgin again!)

  2. These pages look fab!!
    Amanda x

  3. I agree that the second one you did in your small journal was more your style but Oh my! didn't we have fun and those colours on the first one DO look good! I'm going to try with a palette knife next - hmmm………….now which colours??!! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. I think they all look really good Sarah. So messy and grungy!


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