Tuesday, 28 October 2014

doodling on an art journal page

For aaaages I've wanted to make my art journaling more portable.  I tend to do a whole spread in one go rather than work on previously prepared backgrounds.

I've also been on a mission to include some of my own 'marks' rather than always relying on rubber stamps.

Well, I've found that I'm quite happy doodling on brusho backgrounds!  They have so much texture anyway that adding a few pencil marks is quite therapeutic.  

I made a pile of brusho backgrounds, chose some to add to my journal, packed a little bag of scraps of brusho background paper, scissors, a pencil, a fineline pen, a white pen, a pritt stick and a couple of coloured pencils and was able to transport my art journaling to different parts of the house and beyond!!


  1. Gorgeous pages. Love your background and flowers a lot!!

  2. love them! was just reading about someone who went to one of Dina's classes called Mark Making - you've saved the cost of a class! Love the colours, great journal page.

  3. Oh I loves a good doodle!!! My Austria journal has a few doodlepages! I just love your flowers-and I really must investigate those brushos, these colours are fab! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Hmmm, what's a brusho background? Is it similar to a gelli print? Don't let curiosity kill the cat! Love your idea for making your art journal portable.

  5. No, it's something else that is enormous fun but will cost you to purchase!! It's pigment powder in little pots that when water is added makes a watercolour ink. Because it arrives in powdered form you can play around with it quite a bit :) They're made here in the UK in Sheffield (which is 'up north' like me!!)

  6. It's a yummy beautiful page, you do not need any stamps at all! :-)

  7. You are on a roll in this journal! This spread is gorgeous. Fantastic background!


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