Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I have a blog!!

I can't get over how excited I was when I set up this blog and it worked. It took me less time to do that than to name it! I've since been playing around with colours and the banner and am finally committing to that first post. It's not the best time to start a blog...my camera's broken! But never mind, I'll find a recent picture to post.
I'm currently doing Pam Carriker's Visual Journalism 101 online course and this is my favourite page so far. It's not finished yet. This is a great workshop if you want to get started on a visual journal and don't know where to start, or if you want to learn new techniques! The bird is Janet Klein's 'bird legs' by Stampotique.


  1. Hey Sarah,
    welcome to blogland....fab page, now where have I seen that bird before!! LOL

  2. HIya! Nice to see you, shall follow with interest, and love the artwork
    Jennie x

  3. From your long lost friend in the U.S....so glad we are back in touch. Looking forward to seeing where your blog goes from here.
    When I visit the UK, hook me up with some demos...it's time to do it again!
    Love you loads...Julie

  4. Sarah,

    I'm so pleased to see your blog, it looks great and I'll really enjoy seeing your 'online' sketchbook. :)

    Be back again soon,
    best wishes
    Rachel Emilie Jackson

  5. Hi Sarah

    It was lovely chatting to you again at Port Sunny! Glad to see you now have a blog so we can all see your excellent work

    Hope you're back on your feet running round again soon, take care

    Jill x

  6. Thanks Rachel and Jill :)
    Am in plaster for another 3 weeks - have a pale blue one this time so am decorating it with butterflies and dragonflies!!

  7. Hi Sarah
    I have started looking at how people began their blogs and to just to revel in lovely artwork and see how their styles have developed.
    This is a lovely first post, gorgeous and with soft colours. I love it.
    Sue xx


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