Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Birthday card for Emily

I often look at cards on other blogs and wish I could put more on my cards; some cards are almost like scrapbook pages! I had a birthday card to make today and after putting a flower together like Chris from her workshop last week, I decided to try and put more on the card than the large vellum flower and the lace/ribbon, which is where I'd normally have stopped!
I came across a lovely card over on Hannes' blog, which I got to via Inspirational, which gave me the idea of the lace to tuck the money inside (although being me I double sided sticky taped it down and only remembered about the money when I was tying on the ribbon!). I usually just fold white paper inside my cards (which sometimes gets stamped on) but I love this idea of adding embellishments!

Sorry photos aren't the best, too many embellishments to lie flat on the scanner! I really must get my camera fixed.


  1. That's so pretty - and I love the tiny bird in the middle of the flower!
    Chris x

  2. A lovely variation on the workshop card Sarah - I too have tried a couple of different versions since Chris’s workshop last week! S x


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