Monday, 18 May 2009

Visual Journalism 101

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this online class with Pam Carriker. I still have more to do on my other journal pages but I finally finished the class techniques on this page. The final task was adding shading and I loved doing this - so relaxing, and just great for a rainy day like today. [Note: the first image is pre-shading].

By the way, I don't know where all my lovely followers day you were there, the next the space was empty!!! Very odd.
- phew, it's not just me, no blogspot blogs seem to have anyone!


  1. Absolutely beautiful work, my friend!

  2. ive not tried journals yet but this is lovely.My followers diappeared too the other day but they are back again now.i think they were doing updates
    debbie xx

  3. I've kept a 'work' journal for a number of years now where I've played out ideas for workshops and demos, made workshop notes in and explored new materials and have been keen to do a visual journal for a while. I knew the theory and it was just about getting going - and one of the biggest thing for me to learn was pages don't need to be done in one go and can be kept at different stages! I also love Pam's shading and haven't seen this done anywhere else - I loved, loved, loved doing it today :)

  4. I don't seem to be able to "get into" journaling...have only just begun to keep a diary ..on my hubby's persistance...vbg
    Love your work !

  5. beautiful !! absolutely love it!


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