Tuesday, 26 May 2009


This is my contribution for a Paris themed ATC swap on AATCUK. I stamped the image of Notre Dame over the paper I used as a mat whilst demoing alcohol inks at Port Sunny! I love the blobby effect it left behind.


  1. Paddy will be very proud! This ATC is excellent, and I'm particularly fond of the street lamp, I wonder if lamps in Paris are really like that? How romantic if so. Perhaps just on the Left Bank eh?
    By the way, you have inspired me - I bought a book to start a journal today!
    see you soon.
    Chris xx
    ps - where did you get the little bird brad???

  2. Great use of the blobby paper, I agree with Chris, Paddy will be proud!!

  3. I'll tell you where they did have streetlamps like that ...Llangollen!!! I love that streetlamp too, although had to extend it to get it in proportion with Notre Dame ;)
    I'm impressed you bought a journal Chris, well done you. Bird brad was either Hobbycraft or Craft Central at Wyevale, Timperley, it's a big brand name that I will look up for you!

  4. Love the card, love the blog, glad I found you! Thanks for featuring so many of our stamps, it's just lovely to see what you do with them after hearing Paddy sing your praises so much!
    (yes, it's a genuine Paris street lamp)

  5. You seem to be inspiring us all to start new journals, my friend! Love the work you did on the layering over the alcohol inks. I used to demo the monoprinting techinque with regular old dye reinkers and use stamped acetate layered onto the blobs would be. So much fun!

  6. Lovely blog! I've come here from my own site, where you let a comment. (Thanks!) I had to tell you that I just, I mean JUST, came across the "moodling" quote for the first time in a book I was glancing through for inspiration, and then I found it here on your header. What are the odds? :)


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