Wednesday, 31 March 2010

thankyou everyone

There's just something special about having 100 followers so I  wanted to say a huge thankyou to all those who follow me, and those who leave comments.  It really means a lot :)

Our playdate numbers are growing and there were 4 of us in total at Sue's this week.  Sue had to go out unexpectedly and not knowing where she kept her crafting tablecloth, we got stuck into a clean activity - zendoodling!!!

Having completed Milliande's challenge and created a large circle of doodles in my journal, I continued in some smaller ones.

There's still more to do on this page but I'm loving how it's turning out.  Despite it being such a clean activity, we seem to have made enough mess on Sue's table lol

What was fascinating about this activity though was that we'd see a doodle someone had done and replicate it in our journal, but they still looked so different as we all had different pen thicknesses, size preference and a different way of working.

I've got some photos to share with you from my busy weekend (teaching for the first time at the Cubby Hole - fab, and a visit to the NEC) but as I have a four year old nephew hanging around my neck I'm going to leave you with this journal page which is a result of my demo at the Cubby Hole.


  1. Love the blue-green background on this. Gorgeous :-)

  2. Love your Zendoodles, I've never tried these. Your pages are fabulous, I really like the background colour, and the flowers are gorgeous. Judith x

  3. Great page... just starting my first zentangle/doodle - got the outline done but not really sure where to go next!!

  4. Gorgeous ZenDoodling...having seen so much about it I have staerted one for are a good influence on me x

  5. Love that zendoodling you've done. x

  6. Congrats on the followers!! I wish I had the skill to zendoodle like you, those pages look fab xx

  7. WOW--100 followers:) That is great! And doodling! I wish I had that talent! LOVE IT:)

  8. I have just heard about zendoodling and looky here you are doing it too! Love your doodling. Love the flowers with the text centers. Beautiful background.

  9. That ZenDoodling is so intriguing. Another fun thing to try. LOVE your page with the cool flowers and gorgeous colors. xxD


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