Thursday, 1 April 2010

PDCC #22 1/2 all for lop!

My turn to choose the colours again this week and since it is still Spring, despite what the weather appears to think, I thought it might be cool to repeat those lovely yellows we had.

Don't they still just make you think of daffodils, lemon and sugar on pancakes, or even marks & spencer lemon torte (that really is the best!!).

Or maybe even just aPRiL FooLS Day ;)

Sorry, just couldn't resist this cheeky post.  Hope I didn't give you a heart attack Julie.  Correct post will be along shortly.


  1. LOL! Love the beautiful heart! and the baked goods.

  2. Hahah, April Fool!! Love your art though...x

  3. You are too funny! I saw what you said in your 'correct' post, but for some reason it just didn't register...probably because my head was about to explode and it was nearly midnight when I read it : )


  4. Forgot to ask..did you make the heart just for this post or did you have it around? Either way, it's lovely and it's YOU : ) xx

  5. I made it last week! It's for a friend's birthday. Funnily enough Julie I had finished it the day you're felt birthday gift to me arrived. I just never had time to post about it. The april fool only occurred to me as I was posting the real play date challenge and it was just so fabulous that I found a matching photo prompt so quickly
    hee hee hee

  6. April Fool or not the piece is just YUMMY! xxD


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