Monday, 19 April 2010

I went shopping and I bought...

...some old books, dominoes, spoons, rusty nails, nuts and washers, a tape order to stock up for any mixed media pieces that may come to mind!

I went to an antiques and collectables place not far from us (the nearest we have to a 'fleamarket') and in one of the units, the guy sells house clearance stuff.  When I went to the counter with my arms full he suddenly declared "I remember you!  You've bought odd stuff from me before!"  He then insisted on packaging my purchases in two bags, one I was allowed to pay for...

... this was classed as 'normal' stuff!  And one that was a 'gift'!!  Although he did admit the spoons were normal.  LOL.  Very kind though, in a random kind of way! 

Last Saturday I was teaching my Art Journaling 2 class at The Cubby Hole in Crewe.  We tried a number of different ways of adding colour to a page.  Sue adored the shaving foam technique and would happily have made pages like this all day!!

We did manage to drag her away from it somehow!  Possibly by washing the trays ;)  If you visit the Cubby Hole website, you will see Cuthbert the Cubby Hole mouse who is their new mascot, knitted by Sue! 

Christine made this yummy page by letting her ink run on the page.  I love how she combined it all to have some drips down the page and some 'up'!

And Lynn produced this gorgeous effect by stamping on a Morrison's receipt!  Can you see how the paint has kindof lifted off the receipt paper, leaving a delicate blue line...stunning!

And I love Tim's umbrella man on Christine's train ticket!

 So many gorgeous pages:

I'll try and share more tomorrow but leave you with the piece I decided to work on.

I started with a page made from scrap card used as a mat in a workshop.  It had a beautiful blue and orange patch, which I kept, but it also had an inkpad shaped black blob.  So I decided to challenge myself to use black, and then picked up a terracotta dabber, a colour I don't own and haven't used before.  I decided my blue tag fitted well and thought a row of tags down the page would work - still a couple more to make but I'm enjoying this page so far!

Happy Monday everyone!  
Especially to Sue!  At least she's made it to Madrid in Spain and isn't stuck in Mexico.  But I wouldn't fancy queuing 6 hours for an hotel room!  Coming home on a Royal Navy ship might cheer me up though - how fab would that be (we don't know that that's how she'll get home, just wishiul thinking on my part)!  Such a British thing to do I feel, to send out 3 Navy ships to bring home our stranded friends.


  1. What fabulous finds!

    Those journal pages are beautiful and so creative...hmmm, wonder if it has anything to do with the teacher?

    : )

    Yeah...Sue is almost home...well, for a time : (


  2. Looks like you guys had a great time creating! Can't wait to see what you create with your new found treasures.

  3. Wow I love the umbrella man pattern!

  4. Fab pages, Sarah, love the look of your stash efemera!

  5. Fab pages again, what a variety of ideas !

  6. Sarah, you are so creative! Love all the artsy, mixed media creations :)

  7. Shaving foam technique sounds really intriguing! Can’t wait to try it at AJ2 at Stamp Attic in May ;)
    I have recently bought some vintage stamps at a flee market. Haven’t had a chance to try them yet so not sure if they are working… fingers crossed!
    Lovely creations!

  8. you got a useful stash there Sarah. they are such fab pages. can't wait to do some more in the next class!

  9. WOW--these are great finds! Look at those postcards/papers! Vintage!! Looks like you had a great time creating! WISH I was there! Maybe next time:)

  10. Oh how I want to make stuff with you...


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