Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Hurray!  I've managed to clear space on one of my desks in my cellar room that serves as my space :)  It's an old oak bureau that my Mum and Dad gave us, and took a bit of  getting down to the cellar I can tell you!   I'm so glad I can at last share my own bit of table in WOYWW

I've been playing with my Altered Originals spray inks from Dyan Reaveley...

and need to find time to play with my yummy birdcage stamps by Basic Grey that I picked up from the Stamp Attic last time I was down.

Ok, that was the tidy space, here's where everything else is ...

I've got most other things piled onto the tables in the middle of my craft space, waiting to be sorted into plastic boxes and given a place in my newly organised room. 

I'd like to just say a huge THaNK You to everyone who pulled together to make Saturday's workshop at The Stamp Attic happen.  Both Wendy and I truly appreciate it.  We can only put workshops on if we have enough people to run them, and we have - YAY!

And also a big THaNK You to everyone who helped us exceed 100 entries over at The Play Date Cafe.  Some numbers have more meaning than others, and we were soooo close to 100 we just wanted to reach it.


  1. Love the look of those sprays Sarah and those bird cages look yummy. Stop showing me stuff it makes me want to buy more LOL. Can't believe how much stash you have and I love the look of those wooden draws too, I can make use of those if you like.... How lucky are you having a cellar, a big space all your own, lovely. Have a good day and a fab workshop at the weekend. Tracy Evans x

  2. Wow you have a lot of stuff!! I love those BG birdcage stamps!

    Tracy :)x

  3. Do you want help sorting your boxes ... as a reward I could have first dibs :0) What I would n't give for a big old vintagey table too ... I am now going away with WOYWW envy :0)

  4. Love all your art here, but I really thought your craft space would be mega -organised!!! At least you do have a space of your own though. Missed PDCC again this week, not feeling up to crafting tonight with my cold.

  5. Do I take that to mean you will now be busy after all this Saturday? : )
    You and I have way too much in thought is I need to come and help organize (administrate ; ) your work area and then, never mind, if I come, I won't leave anyway xx

  6. Great work space, Sarah but for too tidy!!
    What you've done with those sprays looks great. Can't wait to see the finished results with those delicious birdcage stamps.
    Have fun sorting your stash!!
    Hugs Lisax

  7. What a hoot! Your last picture makes me lOl!! Looks so much like my space it's scary!
    Do like the new inks you've been working with!

  8. Lou and I can come and help sort the boxes if you like - that would be great fun but I'd probably get very jealous at all the goodies I bet we'd find in them!! Lou wouldn't 'cause her craft room has lots of interesting "bits"!!! You'd be amazed at the amount of stuff she's managed to fit into her tiny spare room - everytime I visit her, there's some new interesting thing on her desk!!!

    So pleased we managed to get enough people for the workshop to run on Saturday - Lou's looking forward to it as well. It will be interesting to see if the 5 of us can make as much creative mess as 8 do!?!?!?!?

    See you soon


  9. I love your last pic!! So fun:) I really need to use my sprays more often!! And what does WOYWW mean???

    Also--looooooooooooove birdcage stamps!! Anything bird:) LOVE IT! Love you:)

  10. Oh lovely - your own space and a forced opportunity to sort and clear - I think it's most crafter's second hobby! Look after the desk though, huh!

  11. Great space.. and hope you get it sorted.. when you have you can come round to mine to help me!! Thank you for showing
    Hugs x

  12. Glad you showed the messy side, too - bet you're really tidy, though - drat! I just can't have a tidy workspace, no matter how I try!

  13. Fantastic sprays and stamps. Love the birdcages. Fun pics of your room. The space on the desk to actually create always seems to get smaller and smaller.

  14. Hi Sarah-Thanks for dropping in. Have been neglecting my blog and cards recently but do try to keep going and find such inspiration with WOYWW. Crafty by Nature is fab but tiny and almost unnoticeable from the outside. Inside is like heaven-a heaven crammed to the seams-plus Lynne and her sister and Mum who are so helpful. I have been drooling over a massive delivery of Martha Stewart punches-they do have all sorts of stuff. Your cards and work space look tremendous and you really are a hop skip and a little jump away. Love BettyXXX

  15. Clearing some space in the craft room is never easy, but it looked like you had a lot of fun playing with new supplies. Thanks for sharing the pictures.



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