Saturday, 10 July 2010

I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't feeling great on Thursday (suffering with sinisitis and waiting for my antibiotics to kick in - they now have - hurray!!) so when the postman knocked on and gave me TWo parcels, I was very excited, and they cheered me up no end :).  The first was from the lovely Dyan at Art from the Heart, and inside, a gift of her yummy new inks.  So I had to have a play straightaway - expecially with the granite one, I've wanted a grey ink for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages!

Then my favourite blues and greens:

which I then sprayed over using 'burnt orange', masking with a torn envelope.

before dabbing the envelope edge elsewhere on my page.  So what has made me fall in love with these inks?

the colours are vibrant
they spray in a grungy way, a mixture of fine mist and splatters
you can overlay them
and best of all, you can work back into them with a baby wipe (or a wet rag/paintbrush) just like the Adirondack sprays

so watch this space for more play and journal pages :)

I can't share much of my second parcel as it contains highly classified play date cafe material ;), but will share what I can tomorrow.

Meanwhile, had a bit of a shop (ok, five carrier bags full over 2 days lol) on Thurs and Fri.  Since my painkillers weren't working, I decided 'distraction' might work against my headache, and went out to my local antique and collectables place to get some hardback books for my texture workshop at The Stamp Attic in Wantage on Saturday (click here for deets)

Some other bits n bobs happened to join the books in my pile :)  I can't wait for the workshop, we'll be playing with texture which makes for a great journal cover, but also looks fab on Maya Road die cuts or even around the edge of a picture frame.  [great for Chrissy pressies] 

Then yesterday, Sue Roddis asked if I'd go with her to her local antiques and collectables place and not to disappoint a friend I dragged myself there [ok, my antibiotics were working so I sang along to my music on the way and bounced into Sue's ;)  ]

and came home with this little lot and more!


  1. those new inky sprays look lush hun...and glad you feeling better... hope the biotics work for you... have a brill workshop :O))

  2. We had a fab day rumaging amongst the goodies and the c**p! Came home with goodies and dirty hands!LOL

  3. I wish I had places like that near here! What fab finds. Glad your sinisitis is clearing up.
    Those sprays look gorgeous, I wasn't going to get any, but....!!

  4. nice to hear you're on the mend Sarah. I SO want those inks. sorry Pen and I can't make it for your next Wantage visit too. we'll be in withdrawal for not having our monthly fix! LOL

  5. Glad your feeling better Sarah. I have to say those inks look yummy especially that grey one, I really really want one of those. Have a good day, Tracy Evans x

  6. glad to hear you're feeling a little better :)
    love your finds and the inks look so cool~

  7. Wow Sarah
    You had a ball
    I like the look of those inks and I can empathise with the sinusitis, so retail therapy works!!!

  8. Wow Sarah
    You had a ball
    I like the look of those inks and I can empathise with the sinusitis, so retail therapy works!!!

  9. We are SO overdue for some shopping together, aren't we??!! : )

    Looks like a good haul...since I sent the other parcel, I don't need to tune in for your next post...oh, what am I saying??!!
    Of course I'll be here xx

  10. Glad you are feeling better - please tell me where that place is? I need some of the flower lace to repair a fave blouse (or rather cover the repair!) that got ripped on a rose bush. Srsly. Thanks

  11. OHHHHHHHHH! Just beautiful--I love those colors (also blue and green!!). I wish we had something here like that--note to self:: must go to Sarah's to find cool stuff:) Vaca here we come;)

  12. Oh such yummy colours and happy play, love these pages!


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