Monday, 16 August 2010

USAQ DT Project #5 - paints and canvas

This week's design team products are right up my street - paint and canvas YuMMY!!  The trouble was, with sorting out my holiday I didn't have as long to play with these as I wanted.  I'm home later today though so watch out for a canvas project this week :)

I have to say, these paints were absolutely beautiful to work with.  They have no filler and are chock full of pigment so the colours are really rich :)  I decided to paint a little cardboard box with the cobalt turquoise hue, highlighting with yellow ochre and burnt umber through some sequin waste:

I also painted a small piece of studio cloth [canvas] at the same time. I have plenty left to work on something else when I get back from my hols!!

The idea was to layer with papers coated in beeswax.  However, I think my beeswax got contaminated with some embossing powder as it now has a distinct shine!! (now I know why I need to buy a separate project pan lol, or put my beeswax in a metal cake wrapper!)

I have to say though, that the colours look beautifully rich through the beeswax.embossing powder combo!  I layered text and tissue paper printed with a map image.  The tiny watch parts were added at the end.

My thirteen year old daughter has her eye on this little box so I think it will soon be filled with her little treasures :)

The other USAQ DT members all have projects on their blogs so hop on over for a feast to the eyes :)  


  1. You are a star and really know how to showcase these products, Sarah! Sophie is going to LoVe that ya, girlie xx

  2. I just loooooooove this box! Great colors and trinkets--you just amaze me with your creative talent:) I was about to call dibs on this box--but I'll let your daughter have it:) She is pretty special to have such a beautiful box for treasures:) HOPE you are doing well! LOTS OF LOVE! Miss you!

  3. Wow, those colours are so vibrant, love them! Hope you have a safe journey home!

  4. Such an interesting canvas!

    I love the shiny, glossy finish. This must have been fun to make. Would be good for you to do as a workshop, perhaps!

    Sue A xx

  5. LOVE this! The colors and gears look great!

  6. I absolutely adore your box!! It's gorgeous!!

  7. love this project... Girl after my own heart.... so glad you are a part of our team!

  8. Beautiful project Sarah! I just love that Cobalt! The colors are so rich!

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. ooh yummy - think i might have to get my melt pot out too! You have inspired me once again!

  11. Oooh, gorgeous box ... apparently, we are supposed to have a separate project pan for Beeswax as it doesn't need the fierce heat directly in the pot .. and apparenlty.. it also can contaminate your UTEE if a little drop is left in there... I haven;t tried it but... I love the look of shiney beeswax... a new trend! Fab colours too x

  12. Fabulous box, love everything about it. Annette x

  13. Great texture and love the bright colors. Lucky girl getting the beautiful treasure box!

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