Sunday, 1 August 2010

journal workshop

I've had a wonderful day today.  I taught my steampunk journal at Paddy's and thoroughly enjoyed myself :)  

And got to meet a blogfriend IRL!  Sarah A and I met over at The Play Date Cafe and it turns out that she doesn't live that far away, and was able to make it to the workshop today :)

As usual I was pretty rubbish at remembering to take photos.  We had a fabulous time with walnut ink, various autumn colour inks by Sticky Fingers, and Distress Inks.  Everyone had to restrain themselves from cuttlebugging too many of their pages!   The ruler and the cogs were particular favourites.

We had a very special treat at lunchtime.  Sue and Cynthia, like the good students they are, have been off journalling.  They've taken Dina Wakley's online graffiti class, and combined it with some ideas from my journalling classes and come up with some regular prompts to use on their pages.  

I love Cynthia's money tree!  And should have got a photo of Sue's word collage on a hand shape.  I'm off on my hols on Monday - two weeks camping on the Isle of Wight.  I'm scheduling some posts but please forgive me for not visiting your blogs for a while.


  1. Just WHAT am I going to do without you, dear friend? Make sure you have that new smart phone set up for FB updates or I'll go mad ; )
    Lovely workshop photos and always wonderful to see what your students are doing xx

  2. The workshop looks like great fun and everyone's artwork looks yummy, can't wait to do that class LOL. Have a fabulous holiday and a well earned break. See you soon. Tracy Evans x

  3. Hi Sarah

    Well is was a much fun as a student gleaning your knowledge as it was for you teaching us! REALLY enjoyed the class and I am woking on my journal as I type (well not exactly at the same time LOL).

    Thanks so much for putting on the workshop and for introducing me to Paddy's place!!

    Have a FAB holiday and maybe when you get back I will have completed my Steampunk journal hehe

    Sarah x

  4. Gorgeous pages in all the journals. Layers and layers of goodness.

  5. Your workshop looks really good fun, Sarah.

    The steampunk journal is a great idea, must give it a try.

    I have an aversion to straight lines, rulers and anything that cuts in a straight line. But, I guess you mean a ruler die, I think I know the one you mean.

    (Hope that's the right spelling; aversion????)

    You must be like me and can't sleep, or have you got 'steam' rushing around your head.

    Best wishes
    Sue xx

  6. Have very happy hols :-) Hope the sun shines for you! Kate x

  7. Looks like everyone had a fun day. Enjoy your holiday, hope the sun shines. Are you going to watch the yachts at Cowes week then?

  8. Hi Sarah

    I'm doing Caroles Journal class too. I've been sick for about a month but I'm just getting back in to it now.

    Lovely to see you've joined our class, and I look forward to seeing your journal progress.

    I've joined your followers so i can see more of your art.

    Please do come and visit me and I will get my prettiest teacups and make YOU really welcome!!

  9. Have a fab holiday SArah, will wait impatiently for you to get back so we can get together!!!
    Workshop looks like it was great fun!

  10. Can't say, like Sarah A (the other one) that I will have my journal finished when you get back but I am working on it. Thanks for a fab day - really enjoyed myself as usual.

  11. Wonderful art work by everyone. Enjoy your holiday.

  12. Happy Holidays my friend and looking forward to this class at mine!!!


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