Thursday, 26 August 2010

PDCC#44 Play date with a difference

Oh if only I'd been standing a little more to the right, that crown on the wall would look like it really was on Penny's head lol!

We have a Play Date with a difference this week, courtesy of a conversation Penny Bearcroft and I had at one of my workshops at The Stamp Attic, Wantage!  Penny thought it would be good to give people a ReaL colour challenge, with colours that didn't go together, and were yucky!  I had a think, and asked Penny to come up with some such colours.  After she named hot pink, mustard and navy blue, I gathered some art supplies in said colours, and off we went!

Now I've picked the colours to tone, and happen to love this combo, but my question is, if the colours are tonally correct, are there any colours that don't go together? We'd love to hear any suggestions.

Penny produced this gorgeous piece using a Stampotique stamp, available from The Stamp Attic:

I was in the mood for a play with my needle and thread:

This is a 1 1/2" square memory frame.  I coloured the lace flowers with True Colours by Stewart Gill.

I know many of us in the UK are disappointed we can't get hold of Memory Box stamps, so you'll be glad to know, there's another chance to win this week.  Head on over to the cafe to check it out, 

and don't forget to visit our other designers, including our guest designer this week, Elise.

We say goodbye to our fellow designer Stephanie this week, although I'm sure we'll stay in touch!  We've loved working with you Stephanie, thanks for all your hard work at the Play Date Cafe.  We'll miss you


  1. Wow! This is a fabulous piece, Sarah! And I personally love your "horribilus" challenge colors.. you've definitely made them look lovely together here! I'm so glad we've shared our time together on the PDCC and definitely will keep in touch!!

  2. I think these colors worked really well together and what YOU created was fab! Great idea my friend! xx

  3. The colors were so fun to play with! Great idea to think outside of the box. The memory piece and Penny's project are fabulous! Love the flowers with the Be Bold.

  4. *Gasp!*

    You DID it! You REALLY did ~ you made those colors PROUD!!! "Bold" even! {Hilarious!} After this, I really DON'T think there are any colors that couldn't be made to work! hee hee I swear, what color challenges have done to teach us all the fine ART of color - it's amazing! Thanks for the fun, fun, palette and the absolutely, exquisite sample!!! Yee Haw!

  5. Ooh, YUMMY! I so NEED this for my studio, it's FAB-U-LOUS! You reallyu made these colours work SO well!!! Love 'em!

  6. I love both pieces you have put up here. Penny's watercolour is delicious and your needlework is lovely and wearable, wow!!
    I think you are possibly correct, get the tone right and most colours could combine pleasingly and getting the balance of 'amount' right, i.e.maybe, just a hint of one colour and lashings of another.

    Interesting thought
    Sue A xx

  7. Greta piece :)) just checking also you the package ??? hope you are ok:))
    Hugs x

  8. Fab piece, just lovin' those flowers!

  9. I remember looking for those colours, trying so hard to make it not work LOL and look what you did, you made it work. Exquisite piece Sarah.

  10. These colours were definitely a challenge especially the hot pink but yours worked out perfectly and great idea to make a necklace for a change. Tracy Evans x

  11. OH MY---this is a beautiful little frame! I love it--I've never thought about doing a frame! Why do I always think card first? I must try something new!! SOON! Love those flowers and how beautiful that mustard color is! LOVE IT! And Penny's creation--WOW! I love it! I wish I had that "artistic" style! So fun and edgy and pieced and fabulous:) LOVE it!

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog. As for colours that dont go together......I hanestly cant think of any rigtht now. At first glance this combo didnt look good to me, but after I made the card it looked pretty fine. So maybe its just that we have to push ourselves to think different, use more of some and less of some other colour for balance. Like you've done with both your samples. The blue takes centrestage in the first one whereas in the second one there is just a smidgen of it. Beautiful examples.

  13. I LOVE her! And your flower piece is FAB! Personally these colors threw me for a loop! But I chose not to add any neutrals and use the mustard as my neutral. It really was fun though because it really WAS a challenge!!

  14. Great piece Sarah... These colors were tough but some really nice creations came out of them, I love your flowers...:)

  15. I have been struggling to leave a comment via the PDC link, finally made it!!!! Love, love, love those flowers, you ma!de the colours work


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