Monday, 10 January 2011

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...

Not the most flattering of photos (I've got Malc's old coat on to prevent myself being covered from head to toe in sawdust!) but after being brave enough to have a go with a chainsaw I just had to share this pic with pride ;)  I successfully chopped the log in half, but I think carving toadstools will require some practice lol

That was yesterday though.  Today (well, this evening) I was over at The Cubby Hole, Crewe for CR8@204, our monthly art class.  This week we had to select parts of images from our image board and replicate the lines, texture and tone with our graphite pencils.

We put these in a little accordion book, which is now secured in my sketchbook.  

We then had to work on a bigger scale in our sketchbooks, and added white emulsion and coloured pencil.  I focused on some cobblestones.  I really enjoyed the process, and it still has some way to go so it doesn't look much yet!

It's getting my brain thinking around the project title though - mine is Urban Landscape!  And it meant I actually did some drawing today :)


  1. Good grief, Girl!!! I did a double take when I saw you with that thing. You're a brave one for sure! My son used to work as a tree cutter, and I never got used to seeing him WAY high up in the tree tops with a chainsaw in his hand...that thing just gives me the shivers, and trust me, Sarah, I know my way around the garage, AND the tool shop, but chainsaws scare me to death! You can tell just by the way I'm rambling, that seeing you with that thing hit a raw nerve!...Okay, I'll calm down now that I know you're safe and onto quieter, safer things!...Love your sketches, and that bit of color with the black and white is so, sooo pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that hunk of wood you so bravely cut! Have a fun night, Sweetie
    xo Paulette :D

  2. I was so ANXIOUS to see this photo! You look absolutely fabulous, dahling!
    And don't get me started on the artwork! I know you were really looking forward to that class xx

  3. Dang girl! You are one HOT lumberjack! ;) I noticed that no one was anywhere near you as you sawed...hmmm ;) I'm impressed my idea of sawing logs has more to do with catching a good nights sleep! hehehe

  4. Am so impressed of your sense of adventure, brilliant. Annette x

  5. OMG I am having palpitations just seeing a chainsaw let alone using one!!! You are braver than me hun! Your class looked like it was fun x

  6. But where is the checked shirt, lol! I doubt I could even hold one let alone cut anything....
    Love the art though..

  7. Nice outfit!
    And you didn't call in to say hi!

  8. Did you sleep all night and work all day?

  9. man, you are bonkers Sarah but you don't half look like you're having fun! ROFL at Penny's comment too.

  10. Wow, Sarah, you're brave for using a saw like that! I don't ever expect to wield one of those!

  11. Remind me never to cross you now that you are a dab hand with the chain saw.
    You look good in your gear - well done you.


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