Saturday, 7 November 2009

Birmingham NEC Hobbycrafts show

Google made me smile today!  Apparently Sesame Street has it's 40th anniversary today, which makes it the same age as me :)

Anyway, back to the matter in hand.  My friend Helen and I made a last minute decision on Thursday evening to visit the Hobbycrafts/Crafts for Christmas/Art Materials-Live show in Birmingham yesterday.  It's about an hour and a half drive down there, which makes it pretty accessible, and once we got there I realised it must be years since I went to a craft show as a customer only!!  So I made the most of watching people I admire demoing their skills and products :)

First up was Tracey from Lavinia Stamps, who, as you can see is working very hard

whilst her other half just hangs around ;)

They're a lovely, friendly couple and it was just so nice to sit and chat to Tracey for a bit, watch her demo brayering, and listen to the questions people ask.  Normally I catch a few minutes with her at the close down of the Port Sunlight show when we're all busy and tired!  [And Kevin (who I thought was called Steve...oops!) is packing up, he does work hard really!!]

Next stop, via the Dremel stand where I engraved a glass for the first time and bought Tom's Christmas present, was the Paper Artsy stand.  Leandra kindly and patiently told us all about the paints she's been using to get such fabulous textures in her work.

And kindly posed for a photo for my blog!!! :) 

Leandra has an article in this month's Craft Stamper describing the process of getting this type of texture in your work.  The base is a texture paste from Australia which you stamp into; once dry you can colour it with acrylics and add stunning sparkle with the precious metal colours.

I bought the colours for next week's play date colour challenge and am really looking forward to having a play :)  I also got to see some of the projects from the Artisan weekend 'in the flesh' as it were! It's funny how it's so hard to imagine size correctly from blog photos....this box was quite a bit smaller than I imagined,  large matchbox size really.

And just stunning, both outside, and inside...

I had time for a quick mooch round the rest of the show, but only about half an hour so visited very few other stands.  However, the Liquitex one was a bit of a find as they had some fab examples of mixed media canvases (which I failed to photograph, duh!!!) by an artist called Linda Hollingshead.  Just as I was taking a photo of the display (as I was too tired by this point to get out my pen and make a note of her details) she appeared and kindly posed for a photograph.  I've not checked out her website yet but it's on my list of things to do.

Right, best get back to cleaning my house, then off to see Eddie Izzard tonight :)


  1. Glad to hear you had a fab time Sarah. I'd love to have gone but it's a 3.5 hour drive from here-grrrh!
    Jenny Mayes from Hobby Art is there with my new doodle stamps too so I'm waiting to see how she did.
    I love watching Leandra and also Linda Brown demo as they're both such talented ladies. Lucky you!
    Fliss x

  2. It's been ages for me as well, since I have been to a consumer show as a 'consumer'. Sounds like you had a great time!

    Eddie Izzard makes me smile when I can catch him over here, so you should be good to go!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day - if I went to the NEC (would have to go by train) I'd have no money left for spending, so have to stay "down south". Have a great time at Eddie Izzrd - I love him although have never seen a live show.

  4. Oh double jealous!!! NEC AND EDDIE!!!!!!!!!

    eeeeeeevil torment lol

  5. It was well worth a visit judging by the fantastic photo's. I have always admired Leandra's work from way back when she first started. She just goes from strenth to strength. Have the chance to go myself tomorrow, but it is such a long way I've decided to give it a miss. Maybe next time.....

  6. What a fun day--so much to see! Glad you had a chance to do that--I get to go to one here in January, so I'm so excited about that! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. and you didn't take me along?? what's up with that??? lol :) looks like an amazing time.. I am soooo jealous.. wow.. okay girl you are AMAZING.. and 40.. you don't look 40.. :) you are aging well.. HUGS

  8. Obviously a fab time was had by all, some fab art was made and this is what we are about !

  9. Lucky you I love Eddie Izzard! Neet met him in America - I'm so jealous!. Am going to NEC tomorrow so will watch out for stuff you mention. Glad you & Helen enjoyed it.
    Chris x

  10. Sarah what a grand sharing, I love the precious metals technique. Hugs

  11. Hey Sarah it was such fun when you guys were on the stand!! Thanks for droping by and showing me your wonderful jigsaw piece. Take care. Leandra

  12. Hi Sarah! It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself! What great photos...wish I could have gone, I love craft fairs! Little Sophie is a crafty cutie! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  13. ooks like an amazing time.. I am soooo jealous.. Work from home India


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