Sunday, 29 November 2009

soooooooooooo tired...but what a fabulous workshop!

I was teaching at The Stamp Attic yesterday, my first workshop for Wendy.  And it was just GREAT!  I went down to Wantage on Friday in time to help prep for the workshop.  It was like having the world at my feet, look at all those yummy stamps to play with in the workshop :)   I don't own any Wendy Vecchi stamps, yet, so it was great to use them to demo with.

The workshop space is opposite the shop,  So I had the absolute pleasure of sitting in the quiet workshop, working away in my journal,

and being able to turn and look out of the window at the shop; it was fabulous once it had gone dark outside,  looking out across the cobbles, from such a safe, magical space :)

The kitchen area of the workshop has a very distinct roof...

Wendy said this is protected; it was the garden shed from the buildings that were here before the shops!  Isn't it fabulous :)
Anyway, back to the workshop, what a wonderful group of people they were.  It was great to meet Laura (who I spent the day calling Paula, sorry Laura, I misheard!!) who is a regular visitor to the play date cafe.  Once I'd persuaded her that she really needed to journal on paper to keep it permanent

(only joking, couldn't resist that quip)
...she produced one of my favourite pages of the day!

To me this penguin like bird looks like it's saying, "right, ok, WHAT am I doing here?  In fact, where am I?  What's going on?" and it just tickled me!  I loved lots of the pages people made, and will share some more with you tomorrow. 

Just look how hard they all worked, you can't see an inch of table!!  And at the end of the day, when they'd all gone, and the room was quiet once more, I worked hard too!  Any guesses as to what I was up to?

And sorry Mrs Roddis, you know so no giving the game away ;)


  1. I have been DYING to know how this workshop went....looks like it was FAB! Those lucky girls!

    Do you know how many times I have called a student by the wrong name and aren't they always so sweet to just go along with it...I think it's all the ink that has accumulated in our ears! : )

  2. guess (and I really have no idea) is a wall mural in Wendy's studio.

  3. Oooo lucky ladies. Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. Looks like you had a fab time at the workshop and I love the page with the penguin too ! Glad it all went so well for you !

  5. Ha ha I know what it is!!!! Sounds like a fab time was had by turn next weekend!

  6. Looks like you had such a wonderful time, Sarah! I'd love to be able to sit at the table and learn all your beautiful journal skills! Lucky women!

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  8. Am so chuffed your first workshop went so well a teensy bit green that I missed out on what looks like a FAB day! x


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