Monday, 16 November 2009

bad days = good journal times

Yesterday wasn't great.  Somebody, I'm guessing in a 4x4, hit my car in the Trafford Centre carpark.  A big dent.  Did they own up?  No!!!

But then I went into Sainsbury's and the little bottles of Innocence wearing their woolly hats made me smile.  I didn't risk taking a photo of them there.  Last time I tried taking a photo in a supermarket (it was Asda, I was taking photos of my friend shopping so I could make a book for school) I was swooped on by security and escorted out!!!

Today was a very, very difficult day at work, so I spent the evening doing pages in my journal.  I find it so relaxing smooshing paint and ink around, cutting out images, sticking them down.  They're pieces in progress, but thought you might like to see them.

I've got different sized pages in my journal, different papers, and some collector's wallets which I'm going to put collage/journalling in.

These are the pages I started on the workshop on Saturday :)  Tonight I added stamping, stencilling, inks and collage.

I just love this page.  It's done on glossy-ish card that was used under stamping projects at Paddy's so it already had random patterns on.  I've used a mixture of paints and inks on here and in real life, the texture is fab!  The butterfly is from a gorgeous piece of paper by K & Co that I found in Hobbycraft the other day.


  1. Well I think that post told me the story....that wasn't the Jag, was it?

    You are a testament to beautiful work coming out of not-so beautiful moments...xx

  2. I'm afraid that if a bad day leads to this kind of art, you need to have lots of bad days.

  3. I'm so sorry that happened, Sarah! Makes you feel just horrible, doesn't it! I can't imagine not letting the person know--I couldn't live with that! So glad you know how to feel joy even on hard days...that way you'll always be happy. Your pages are just beautiful--wish you could teach me how to do that!

  4. So sorry to hear about your dent Sarah. There are some really selfish people out there.
    Absolutely gorgeous work on your journal though so you'd never know you had such a horrible day.
    I saw those Innocence bottles in our Sainsburys yesterday too and they really made me smile. Was tempted to buy one but managed to restrain myself!!!

  5. Rotters ! hit & runners are the worse !! Love your pages in the making, colours and effects to date are fantastic !

  6. People are such s...ts! I love the little hats, have collected a few :) lol
    Art is good for the soul.. may today be a better day
    Hugs x

  7. Sorry to hear about your car, but those Journal pages look fabulous.
    Love those little hats too, made me smile. x

  8. oh Sarah so about the bump, I love your journal pages, they are dreamy. Sandi

  9. Oh no, Sarah, poor you, that is such a nasty thing to do, just dent and run.........but your art, boy did you do a great job, the colours on the last piccy are just lovely, so looking forward to you coming down here, not long now x

  10. Oh hecky pecky Sarah. Sorry to hear about your car.
    On a brighter note - love your journal pages.
    The word verification sums up my day (will email you with it) LOL

  11. How terrible Sarah! Poor car. ;(
    ...your journal is beautiful though, and those little bottle hats are a hoot!... Hope your car feels better soon. Hugs, ;)


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