Monday, 4 January 2010

weird weather!

It shouldn't really feel weird but it does!  It doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind here.  We've just had a bit more snow, on top of the ice from yesterday.  It was -7C last night, but warmer tonight, although my laptop has a little snow symbol by the temp!!  My 3 children were sent home from school today as the boiler had broken.  George [15] had been lamenting that it never happened in schools round here (Oldham and Tameside had lots of closures on the radio this am) and hey presto, 45mins later he was phoning to say they were coming home.  It's all fixed now so they'll be back in tomorrow and I can get on with sorting out the house, and my craft room!  I'm having a major reorganisation in there...

...and I can finally get to my desk!!  Lots of sorting and moving of furniture to do on the other side of it though, I have to say!!!


  1. Weird weather makes it kind of exciting, though, doesn't it?! We don't get much weather here at all! Always just kind of nice--which is great, but my kids get excited just when it rains--just to have something different!

    Love the peek at your desk--looks like something lovely is happening there!

  2. All I know is that I better not leave my snow and come all the way over there for MORE snow! haha


  3. It's what I love about England Julie, unexpected weather. And I love the seasons.

    And Julie R, Manchester snow is waaaaaaaaay more exciting! Except you couldn't get here today cos the airport is closed ;)

  4. Bet your kids were happy :-) 5 more inches of snow here this morn and my kids' school is shut but mine isn't! I'm due in this aft...arghhh! The novelty is wearing off now.....

  5. Not good weather for gnomes! Jo x

  6. Hey that looks like my table, no snow here, so keeping you in warm prayers. Hugs

  7. What a cute blog you have here. I'll be linking to you from my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!


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