Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Look at my poor garden gnomes today!!!  It snowed all night, and then all day too, and by this evening they were completely buried!

This was the view we woke up to this am [it started snowing slightly 9pm last night, otherwise it had just been a hard frost yesterday]...

from our bedroom window

from George's window at the back of the house

The kids built a snowman this morning, and Sophie and I sledged before starting our igloo in the back garden.

I took some photographs down the road; there were plenty of people getting their cameras out, it was so beautiful.

We finished the igloo late this afternoon.  The boys were great at making 'bricks' by packing snow in the washing up bowl :) 

It does look more like a beehive than an igloo, but it's ace inside with candles lit.

Forecast a freeze tonight so this igloo should last us a while!  We're much more used to rain here in Manchester than this much snow.  It was such an unusual thing that ITV broadcast their national news live from Manchester tonight!!  Snow's on it's way down south tonight.  I think I need a play inside day tomorrow, every time I shut my eyes all I see is snow falling.  I spent 11 hours out there today, just went in for lunch!!


  1. Your poor garden gnome! He's buried!

    Could Sophie LOOK anymore like you?!
    She is just beautiful!

    Can't wait to see her this spring!

    Glad you were able to enjoy the snow with the kids. I know we in the Midwest US have learned to stay in when it's just to difficult to move, but you really have to rearrange life, don't you?

    My husband is NOT happy that he won't be able to watch the City vs United match on Wed, but who can get to the grounds in that snow?

    One last thing...as I type this, the local weather is on the telly...we are now under a winter snow watch with a forcast of 8 more inches by Fri morning...why can't we just come get yours?

    WOW! lots of thoughts, my friend!


  2. LOL you are nuts!! Now try sleeping in it!!

  3. 11 HOURS!! you are mad woman, but I love the igloo, its fab. My son, aged 23 and his friends made a snowman but I cannot put the photo on the blog, its not your normal snowman......need I say more!!

  4. Julie you mad thing, that IS me!! The only pic of Sophe is in her hat building the snowman, it's me in the igloo!! She'd gone out with friends by then!!! x

  5. Your photos are great and love the igloo, brilliant! Yes, you must be crazy to spend that much time outside in all that snow. Did you force the kids to stay out that long with you? No wonder Sophie went to her friends:)

  6. Sarah

    Looks like you have been having great fun in the snow - your igloo looks very familiar; it wasn't by any chance shown on the local News at Tea Time today was it?

    Keep up the fun!

    Love Carol x


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