Friday, 15 January 2010

memory book

I was asked at the weekend to make a memory book which could contain photographs and comments from friends.  It was via a friend of a friend so I didn't know the person, but what a lovely surprise gift - a book full of photographs and nice things written about you!!

Apparently the recipient loves black and white films, wears black a lot, and likes pierrot clowns so I hope she likes this book which I made using my bind-it-all.  I alternated five pages of white card with five pages of black and decorated each page with collage elements, papers and Tim's film strip ribbon [which comes in the cutest tin!!].

When I phoned Wendy at the Stamp Attic to order the film strip ribbon I asked her for suggestions of any suitable papers and she sent me some yummy, yummy papers by the Black Market Paper Society.  I rarely do books like this, usually for gifts for close friends getting married, but this was very relaxing - lots of cutting and sticking :)


  1. What a lovely book and a lovely gify for someone... might pinch that idea for my SILs 40th...x

  2. Seeing how I missed your big ?0 birthday, it would be a bit cheeky to expect one of these for my big ?0 birthday....oh well...

    Beautiful job and I love the black and white theme.

  3. OOh very nice. Nothing wrong with a bit of cutting and sticking :-)

  4. I am sure the recipient will be thrilled, even without any comments being written, it looks lovely.

  5. What a lovely book, and you will never believe it, but I joined in the Play Date cafe! lol

  6. Oh that is just a fabulous Idea! I might pinch that idea too! Love it. Kim

  7. This is gorgeous :) Lucky recipient..


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