Sunday, 3 January 2010

weird crochet...and last day of the Stamp Man Blog Hop

Crochet keeps me sane!  Whilst the rest of the family were plugged into machinery (computer games, nintendo dsi, psp) I sat crocheting in front of the real fire and felt a bit like an old granny!!  Except I'm not sure this is what granny's crochet!!  :)

It's a bit of a late entry, but I'm hoping that, with postal delays, and closure between Christmas and New Year, that it'll still be accepted for Manchester Craft Village's Yarnbombing exhibit!  They're wrapping the balcony rail with crocheted or knitted pieces.  I meant to enter this earlier but completely forgot then over  Christmas remembered and gave it a go.  Even if it gets sent back, I had great fun making it :)

Especially as John Lewis had wool in their Sale so I treated myself to a couple of balls of thick, chunky wool.  And a lovely crochet book fell into my basket whilst I was buying a book for my Dad on Amazon, which gave me the instructions for the leaves etc  :)


If you've got a lazy Sunday ahead of you, don't forget that the Stamp Man blog hop, candy and award event finishes tonight, midnight GMT.  I've loved being a blog on this hop.  I've met new people, and found one lives close by - yay!!!  My contribution is HERE, but you need to start at THE STAMP MAN.  Happy Hopping!!


  1. Sarah, what a fun piece, will keep my fingers crossed that it will be accepted. Hugs

  2. This is gorgeous Sarah and definitely not grannyish! Hope it's taken on as it's too lovely not to be on show.
    Happy New Year, Fliss x

  3. LOVE the crochet. It's such a mysterious art, I can't get my head round it but you have certainly cracked it!

  4. Hi Sarah.
    I'm just following the Blog Hop trail to see what my other fellow hostesses have been up to and am so glad I've found you. Your works of art are really stunning and something new and intriguing to me. I shall be back for a more in depth look when time allows but shall enjoy crafting with you during 2010.
    Happy New Year.


  5. You are so talented...what CAN'T you do? I think this piece is just fabulous!

    Your crochet fits right in with something swirling about in my head...I send you a note..hehe


  6. What a very unusual piece Sarah !

  7. Love your butterfly and leaves Sarah. Thank you for your lovely comment, I've missed the Play Date Cafe too, but I don't know where the last four weeks have gone! I'm hoping to make some time to play again very soon. Thank you. Love Anne x x x x

  8. Hia Sarah, your crochet creation is brilliant. I have recently tried to teach myself from various books, without great success. How about a Crochet Workshop? Good luck with your entry.
    Love Carol x


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