Friday, 18 November 2011

AEDM days 17 and 18 - more of the seahorses!

I've moved onto the next step with my felted seahorses, mounting them on a background.  I used my dumfing machine (that's an embellisher for those unfamiliar with this wipso and twiglet term ;) ) to add merino wool and some other bits n pieces to a piece of cotton fabric.

I then moved over to my sewing machine and added some bubbles and texture lines.  I started adding some french knots and tiny beads the other night, then realised I'd struggle to sew it onto the background with them there so stopped!

I've placed a second seahorse behind a rectangular mount.  This actually took longer to do as I felted and sewed this piece without an embroidery hoop.  Now to work out how to attach it to the mount!  Any tips gratefully received :)

I'm not selling them framed, just thought I'd try one in a frame to see how it looked.   I can't decide which type people will prefer though, the funkiness of the embroidery frame or the safety of being able to put the image behind glass.  What do you reckon?


  1. These are just stunning. I like a frame. Go to a professional framer and then sell them. (The professionals have all the tricks to raise the glass...they have all the gubbins. It may be costly, but you can ask a bit more.
    You ought to sell them. They are so differnt and pretty amazing.
    Go for it!

    Thanks fo so many lovely comments. I have just put up a quick post to say more about the flower.
    Have a fun weekend. See you tomorrow;) at AEDM.
    Gwen xx

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Wow, I really am in awe at your skills! I like them either way but think I'm with Gwen and say framed. Thanks for sharing, much love, Jennibellie x

  3. I just love your colorful seahorse! I don't know much of anything about framing, so can't help you there. But I do absolutely love the seahorse. :):)

  4. fabulous work Sarah. I like the frame best too. I think the frame you've chosen really sets it off.

  5. I like the framed piece best. I love these seahorses. I think they're so beautiful.

  6. Just sent you an email about the flower.

  7. you have epic skills... so impressed and it looks amazing framed... sooo talented xx

  8. Personally I love the one in the rectangular frame, and it is just stunning! Good luck with the mounting- maybe Twiglet or Wipso could help there too!!

  9. the frame is beautiful, I love this artwork!

  10. Definitely framed! This is a fantastic piece Sarah! Hope you are fully recovered now! Chrisx


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