Friday, 29 March 2013

art journaling in clay

I recently got to play with some clay at our local secondary school.  After seeing the image below on Pinterest I decided to have a go at adding texture to a clay tile:

Actually, I made a few!

On the advice of the art teacher I cut out the flower shape in card, then pressed this into the tile using a rolling pin.

I added texture with rubber stamps, the end of a skewer and by adding some tiny balls of clay.

I then got to splash on some coloured slip!  Looking forward to seeing what these pieces look like once they're fired!!!


  1. Fabulous idea Sarah, they look fantastic, very tactile . Happy Easter. Tracy x

  2. They do look lovely - hope you show us the fired ones too. Happy Easter.x Jo

  3. They look great already, can't wait to see the finished pieces. Hope you're having a Happy Easter!

  4. Ohh very that texture. Happy Easter:-)

  5. They look wonderful. Look forward to seeing the finished ones.

  6. These look great! Hope we get to see them too? Happy Easter. :)

  7. ooh, always fun to try something new Sarah. these look like they're going to be fab. very touch feely.


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