Saturday, 16 June 2012

summer weddings...

I'm very late with one of these cards (for my lovely friend Ruby over at Ruby2Shoes), and exactly on time with the second one!

Both started off with a bit of stencilling for the background.  I then layered up some papers and dried, painted baby wipes.

I added a few pinks and reds (via some wool and another baby wipe!) to a felted piece I had on my sewing table.  My poor embellisher now has paint splodges on it, just like my sewing machine!  I stitched the heart shape before cutting it out then stitching it onto the card.  Then added a few more lines of stitching :)

Right, I'm off to a wedding :)


  1. how stunning! Enjoy the wedding.

  2. I love the way you layer up your arty bits and bobs to make such beautiful creations. x Jo

  3. fabulous wabulous Sarah. I love the way you've layered this up.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Love the heart-felt heart lol ;). Enjoy the wedding! xx

    Ps. sorry about the comment delete, must really learn to proof read before hitting the publish button lol ;)

  5. I have been here before. I recognise th elovely photograph of you but I didn't put two and two together when I met you. It was great to see you today. Thank you for coming . I love your mixed media heart piece,very clever and beautiful. I can only work in felt and velvet. Mixed media terrifies me.


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