Saturday, 10 October 2009

that space you're watching...

Well!  News will be announced on Monday :) 

But whilst you're waiting, here's some fun from Port Sunny.   I took some photos of some of my fellow demonstrators.  Here's Jennie showing us how to make those fab grungepaper roses

She doesn't look like she's been doing this for three consecutive weekends at shows does she!!?  And look, I got my own rose

It's exactly my colours, blues and turquoises :)  I had an hour free at lunchtime to shop and chat whilst Sue Roddis signed copies of her new book

I meant to get someone to take a photo of me demoing but I forgot!!  Sorry!  But this is where I was demoing, and this is my sample

I was working on a jigsaw frame and demonstrating how you can add texture to your work.  You can heat Stewart Gill Metallica and Alchemy paints to make them bubble,  add layers of embossing powder and stamp into it, and then add collage pieces.  This isn't finished yet, but I'll keep working on it.

When I went to find Jill from the Stampman she wasn't demoing as Ian had gone for lunch and she had to cover on the till

but I did get a picture of her inky hands, just to prove she had been demoing ;)

Jill definitely won the dirtiest demonstrator's hands LOL!  Surprisingly I had the cleanest ;), although I bet Tracey's weren't particularly bad thinking about it.  I couldn't get near enough to get a photo but here is a demo piece that she made and gave me. 

I ended up getting all the stamps from this demo piece.  I knew I wanted the tree but had to choose between the door in a wall, the door in a tree, or a spider's web.  And I decided to treat myself to a new fairy as I've not had a new one in a long while.  Here's my complete stash.  I love looking at what others have bought so thought you might too.  I also got a lovely yummy piece of moonglow paper that Jill gave me as she said it was very 'Sarah' paper :)  (just my colours you see)

Can you see that corset stamp from Lost Coast Designs?  I had to buy that after my corset adventure this year, especially since just one has wings, just like mine!


  1. Soooo jealous! What a great day! I already see some things that will go on my wish list...dear friend...haha!
    Glad you had a great time and a productive one for yourself!

  2. Hi Sarah! Oh this does look like such fun! The shop looks like a fun place to be, and the women look to be a bunch of sweeties! Love how your puzzle frame is coming, and your good tips... and that rose is so pretty! I noticed those corset stamps right off the bat! How perfect for you! Hugs ;)

  3. Sarah,
    You need to live closer.. so we can swap and play together.. :) look at all those fun NEW goodies.. sooooo Jealous.. Hugs

  4. What beautiful things - love your jigsaw frame and those corset stamps are great.

  5. you really have no excuse now to not send the atcs you owe us. Get making them with the new stamps missus.Glad you had fun. wish I'd been there.

  6. Wow, that looks like a great show. Maybe one I need to get to in the future. You're sample looks fabby :-) Now, what are you going to announce on Monday? I haven't got a clue what you're talking about but you've got my interest.......
    p.s. I'm sending you an e-mail...

  7. Was a great day, nice to chat with you again ! I had my camera too and could have obliged with one of you demoing. Never mind I also bought a load of stamps !! Loved your jigsaw piece too. And got one of Sue's signed books....which is also excellent.

  8. oh my a pic of me.. mmmm actually it is qwuite not sure if Jill's were the dirtiest hands.. mine were BLACK, and it has taken me 2 days to get them clean!! lol
    Was good to see you

  9. What a great post Sarah.

    Doesn't often happen, but your stash pic got me spending this am online lol

    Looks asthough it was a fantastic day.

  10. Oh dear Sarah, what lovely photos of me that you have!! Your frame is lovely, I especially liked the metal work flowers and all those clocks! I too got a signed Sue book, just need a little time to settle down and have a good browse. Looking forward to seeing all your creations for your play days:)

    Jill xxx


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