Wednesday, 14 October 2009


What is it about best laid plans?  Yesterday the plan was to visit Wendy at the Stamp Attic, a nice jolly day out with the girls.  I woke up to the news that a lorry had hit the central reservation of the M6 motorway in the night and that the motorway was closed for 2 junctions.  We didn't need to go on the motorway to pick Sue up but the impact on surrounding roads was horrendous!  It took us over two hours to do a 40 minute journey, nearly as long as it then took to get to Wendy's!  But all that driving was definitely worth while!  Look, here's a sneaky peek into Sue's 'studio'.

I'm standing half way into the room and on each side of me are drawers and drawers of stash :)  It was great to see some of Sue's creations in the flesh (not the best pics, sorry!)

Again, I was so excited to get to Wendy's shop that I completely forgot to take a picture!!  But I did persuade Wendy to let me show you the 'original' stamp attic, at the top of her house.  Sue had tidied her room but Wendy got completely caught out by me producing my phone and saying "can I take a piccie for my blog?"  I don't know, how sad am I!  But I really want to get my blog candy together for 'Where women really create' and this is as much a reminder for me.

Talking of blog candy, don't forget that if you grab the 'play date' button, put it on your sidebar and leave Julie a comment before next Thursday you'll be in with a chance of winning some yummy stash!  And whilst you're over there, read up on my talented fellow designers [and check out my bio tomorrow :)]


  1. these creative spaces are spectacular! i just love that paper rack in the first photo....i could fill that up, no problem!! :)

  2. Sarah, thanks so much for sharing, what a perfect get a way, a place not only to create but to muse and dream. Just sorry it took so long to get there, we had major tie ups here in Northern CA due to a torrential rain that only lasted under 20mins, but caved in a store roof. Sandi

  3. I am amazed you guys made it in the end, you so deserved those cakes......oops sorry was I allowed to mention them! And I cannot believe you took that photo lol, what a mess the place was in, but I guess that's creative spaces for you.


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