Saturday, 5 June 2010

a camping trip in the VWcamper

Here she is, all packed up and ready to go.  We didn't go far on our inaugural trip, and there were just the four of us as Tom is in the US with his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin (lucky Tom!!).  

The hawthorn bushes you can see behind the tent are on the bank of the River Severn, Shropshire.  And on the other side of the field is the steam railway - a perfect spot, and perfect weather (if a little hot!!).

The awning worked out brilliantly.  We ordered it online so hadn't seen it in 'person' as it were but it was very easy to put up, and fitted well to the camper.

I finally, finally gt the curtains made.  This is the van set up for George to sleep.  We all took a turn each to sleep in the van.  I love how the curtains have poppers to hold them in place :)  They need a couple of adjustments but overall I'm really pleased with how they turned out. :)  Here's the view from the back of the van when it's set up as a double bed [with Sophie grinning away there after she sneaked in!


  1. Does she have a name - a friend of mine has named his Kermit (you can guess the colour!!).

  2. I always fancied a VW, but in the end finances and practicality led me to a Vivian - a 4 year old Vivaro van.
    Where's the site? It looks good.

  3. I think you're going to have lots of happy trips in this van! I agree, you have to give him (her?) a name!!

  4. Well, the problem with the name is what sex is the van?!!! I think she's a girl, as did the mechanic on the Isle of Wight, but Malc reckons the van is male. Jeff was suggested by my son Tom, Obi was another suggestion, and Pob is quite sweet (last two are variations on the reg no). Any suggestions gratefully appreciated :)
    Site is at the Unicorn Inn, Hampton Nigel

  5. You could call it "the Battle Bus" and stop the arguments :)

  6. the Moodling Motor?

  7. How about Ande...........short of for Anderson's, looks like you had a fab time too. I love camping and you made me want to go, right now, today.........but I have to wait til August :(

  8. How much fun did THAT look?!!!

    Sophe is totally a 'mini' Sarah and I am sorta wishing that it was Tom's mum who was in the U.S. instead of Tom! : (

    So glad you had a wonderful time but SO GLAD you are back : )

  9. I'm sooooo not a camper, but your van looks fab and may even convert me. Looks like a blast! xxD

  10. OOOO this brings back some happy memories...summer holidays with mum dad and us five children! (there was a tent as well as the VW- even it couldn't sleep us all!) Great fun :)


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