Sunday, 13 June 2010

stitchy, waxy, textured canvas at The Cubby Hole

I've had a busy few days just recently - working in the nursery across the road with the two and three year olds (which I LoVeD), teaching an art journalling repeat class at Paddy's Stamping Place, then teaching a "stitchy, waxy, textured canvas" at The Cubby Hole yesterday.  This was a fabulous class, full of smiles and laughter, especially when I showed the teeny weeny frying pan I'd used on my stove at home to melt my wax and Nigel produced a stove from his van so we could replicate the event in the workshop!!

It was a busy and varied workshop, requiring such concentration that I think it's the quietest workshop I've ever taught!!

Nigel, Sue, Tracy E, Lisa's hand

 Christine, Tracey, Carol, Sue, Lisa

I have to say the resulting canvases were absolutely STuNNiNG.  Carol also holds exhibitions of artwork in the shop but this week was a gap between two exhibitions so we hung our own canvases on the wall!

 Christine's dragonflies -
doesn't Tim's lace stamp look effective on the wings!
Tracey is adding some irridescent beads to hers at home

my second sample (forgot to take pic of the first!!)

Lisa made hers to match the colours of her bathroom

Sue felt her background looked oriental 
so used a rubber stamp image as inspiration
for this design

Lisa L and Sue Mac both put a lot of work into theirs and are finishing them at home - they look fabulous already so imagine how good they'll look finished :)

Lisa L
Lisa L detail - I just love the stitching!!

Sue Mac

All in all, a wonderful day :)


  1. What beautiful work by everyone!

  2. Beautiful artwork by everyone Sarah. Are you going to do this one in Wantage too???

  3. Looks like great fun was had by all :)

  4. Vety beautiful and creative work by everyone!!!

    Saskia :)

  5. Looks like another great day at the Cubby Hole, nice to see all the faces I recognise and I echo Carols question, are you doing it at The Stamp Attic?? Maybe in August??

  6. These are amazing! I wish i could come to your class :)

  7. What stunning work. They will all look wonderful on the homes of their creators. Love those dragonflies.
    Hugs Lisax

  8. wonderful canvas projects! Looks like a fun class!

  9. OH MY--great projects! ALL of them! When are you teaching over in the states? How about a private lesson? Just let me know;)

    Love it!

  10. Answer by Wendy.....yes she is doing it in Wantage LOL in July though, Sunday July 18th..........

  11. totally gorgeous art hun, wish I could have been there x

  12. OMG!!!! these are beyond FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! xxD


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